Holidays coming to an end..

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about my semester exams. I spent some time after that claiming that I was bored sitting home and doing nothing. I did watch a few movies and play some games. But still, most of my time was used up on sleeping!! 18 hours a day!! Now that was nice for a few days after exams ended. But of late, even that’s getting a little tiring. I know it sounds preposterous that sleeping could be tiring. Try 18 hours a day and you will know. I have a feeling I have put on weight, but my weighing machine sternly disagrees with me. Maybe my flab just redistributed itself around my waist . 😀


So the final semester begins in another 3 days and I already have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I hate my college and on the other, I badly want to go to college. Here are some reasons why people claim the last sem to be the psenti sem.

1) I have been going to the same college on the same bus ( with changes once in a while. But of-late the bus co-coordinator has been working extra hard for job satisfaction.) on the same route and back, eating breakfast in the mess, having lunch again, sleeping in the class almost everyday for the past three and half years. To think that in another sem, that routine is going to take a hit is kinda scary.

2) All these days , all I have had to do is go to college. That’s it. They keep giving us tests which we never study for. We never do anything productive till exams anyway. (Half because we are lazy and half because engineering colleges do not allow us to be productive here in India.) Now all of a sudden at the end of college, I’ll have to think of my job, my income, my investments, my income tax!! Man are you kidding me ? Life is going to take a whole new turn and everything will just go spinning out of control.

3) Agreed I haven’t made too many great friends in college. I have made a few good ones.(Isn’t that the norm with books and friends ? ) I am essentially a loner. But again I’ll have to make new friends and tolerate their annoying habits 😉   I hope people don’t read my blog.

4) Accommodation, food , transportation…Man everything is going to change.

5) Even before fast forwarding to another 6 months, the present semester is going to be slightly different. We go to college 2 days a week, work on some wretched project and every now and then have to go to college for the project reviews. Now there will be the usual monthly tests and some symposia. The college tests we shall conveniently ignore. Hope I have some luck with the symposia to fund my project.

6) College makes us aimless cattle. I have had no aims in my life for the past three years. Just move along. Do this, do that. Land a job with some IT company, slave for people there, get paid peanuts. Now in the outside world we will have to think and make decisions. As Hari said out “I was born a  Genius, Education ruined me.”

I have taken a vow to enjoy my last few days in college. But my college guys treat us like LKG kids  😦 . So nothing assured there. I am at-least happy they will get to torment me only twice a week and if I have my way just once a week 😀 . I am sure once college starts I am going to be cribbing about it anyway. For now, I just want to go to college and maybe restart out T-3 tournaments. 😀  



2 thoughts on “Holidays coming to an end..

  1. From the very 1st point itself i found out that you are lying as usual.Its a well known fact that you listen to all the classes with your eyes wide open.
    So i didnt read the rest…:)

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