Movie Review – The Good German[2006]

The Good German is a movie by Steven Soderbergh(of Ocean’s 11,12,13, Erin Brockovich fame) starringGeorge Clooney( Danny Ocean himself. Also voted World’s Sexiest Man), Tobey Maguire (Spiderman 😉 ), Cate Blanchett among others. Its a film adaptation of the novel by Joseph Kanon. The movie is Black and white. (film noir) The effect of black and white doesnt do anything for me. It’s not as good as classic B&W movies, but doesn’t measure up to even modern ones like ‘Schindler’s List’ , ‘The Pianist’ , ‘Sin City’…etc, even if its not fair to compare these movies. It’s poster and closing scene at the airport is supposed to be a homage to classic film ‘Casablanca’ (Take my advice and watch that instead 😛 )

The Good German

IMDB Rating:

Coming straight to rating the movie, it wasn’t that great. I did not peek into IMDB‘s  6.2/10 before I watched the movie. Maybe I should have. 😀 6.2 sounds pretty fair considering the movie fails to live up to anything at all even for a Clooney fan like me. It was a disappointment. It wasn’t outright bad, but could have been made better.


I didn’t understand most of what was happening in the movie. Yes, I got the essentials, but didn’t have any prior knowledge about many of the references made in the movie. So I decided to look up Wikipedia. According to Wiki, it hints at NASA’s origins and American postwar employment of Nazi rocket scientists in Operation Paperclip. (a good read)

Man, how can you take such an interesting subject and make a mess of it ?

The film revolves around Clooney’s character and is set in 1945 around the end of WWII. It also touches on Holocaust and what Jews had to go through in Nazi Germany, though not in great or graphic detail. Also references are made about (Concentration)Camp Dora and slave labour used there. Blanchett’s husband Emil is a mathematician and a SS officer, and is associated with Camp Dora. Emil has proof that it was not him but the missile scientist Franz Bettman who ran the camp. But all evidence points to Emil and no written references are available to prove Bettman’s involvement. The Americans want to eliminate Emil so that they can take Bettman home to work on their projects.

Blanchett as Lena Brandt tries her best to keep herself and her husband alive. The Movie tries to imply that all of the German’s were not associated with Nazi policy and were helpless.  As an SS officer who had no involvement in Camp Dora, Emil is my Good German.  

Well if you have to watch this movie, make sure you don’t have any other better movie to watch. But yea, rather than watch stupid regional movies you might as well watch this. Atleast it makes sense.

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