Short Half Life…

This has nothing to do with Radioactive materials and does not refer in any way to the game. It’s just about me and my short lived interest in things. Just now I was cleaning my books rack and half way through it, I got bored of it. So here I am writing a crappy post on my blog for a break. (A break that will extend , God knows for how long.)

It’s just a thing with me. I want to do everything. I cannot limit myself to one thing or a set of things. I guess that’s the reason why I suck at a multitude of things. 😀 . See with others they would only suck at a thing or two. I suck at a whole gamut of things. My short lived interest is one of the reasons why I’ll never make it big at anything. 😦  Sadly. Unless of-course I find a way to turn things around.

Ok, alright, I am actually bored of writing this post…I call it quits for now.


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