Google Doodles

Google Doodles otherwise known as Holiday Logos are modifications and/or humorous features such as cartoon modifications of their logo that Google displays for use on during some festive occasion such as holidays, birthdays of famous people and major events like the Olympics. You can read more on the Google Doodle here:

Wikipedia article on Google Doodle

This time around to, Google has put up their Google Doodle. What’s interesting is I found Orkut also displaying some form of modified logo. Orkut Doodle ? perhaps. I know they did it for Diwali and stuff. I am trying to find out if this is the first time Orkut logo has been modified. (Apparently not. They had it for Independence day and before that Valentines day.) Here are the Google and Orkut Doodles for this season,

The Google Doodle:



The Orkut Doodle:


I saw if any of the other Google owned sites also sported a modified logo. This search included YouTube, Blogger and various other Google websites like Google news, Google Earth, and even Gmail. None of them to my disappointment has a modified logo. Bah!!


I thought of uploading a few recent Google Doodles, but then Google has an official site where they have archives of the entire thing anyway. So here’s a link to their site. (” Please do not use them elsewhere.” is Google’s plea. The ones I have used here is not from the online compilation. You won’t even find it there yet. These are screen shots.)

Google Doodles/Google Holiday Logos

I didn’t find an online compilation of Orkut doodles. (Maybe it’s not even called that.) So I searched for it and found a few interesting logos. Clockwise from top Valentine’s day, India’s 60th Independence day, Diwali, Orkut’s birthday. (I can’t spell Buyokutten. 😉 ) 



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