Need For Speed-Most Wanted-My Timings-02

You can fint the post ‘Need For Speed-Most Wated-My Timings-01‘ further down on this same page.

This is the second set of timings for tracks 6-10.

Some additional details you might want to know are:

I used the following settings:

Traffic:                         None

Difficulty:                    Hard

No. of Opponents:    3

Catch Up:                    On

I used my customised Porsche Cayman S and used Automatic Transmission.

So, here are the timings I managed in the next 5 tracks (6-10):

06-Stadium & Hwy:

Best Time:      1:50.23

06-Stadium & Hwy

07-Rosewood & State:

Best Time:     1:43.69

07-Rosewood & State

08-Rosewood & Lyons

Best Time:     1:38.81

08-Rosewood & Lyons

09-Union & Hollis

Best Time:     2:22.34

09-Union & Hollis

10-Heritage & Campus

Best Time:     1:44.37

10-Heritage & Campus

Happy racing!!


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