Sensitive Teeth….OMFG

My daily routine has taken a hit ever since my vacations begun. I slept at 4:00 AM this morning and I am saying this just to demonstrate how things aren’t normal. When I got up in the morning, my throat was feeling weird. (Normal considering I slept with a sore throat and a cold.) But my teeth were kinda hurting!! I was trying to brush my teeth and it was impossible. Man!! Then I had my hot tea like every other morning and it got worse. (I am having my evening cup of tea right now actually, and it still hurts!!) After the tea, I even found my gums slightly swollen.


I read up on it and found the following:

  • Brushing, flossing, heat, cold or certain foods cause sensitivity and discomfort.

  • It’s apparently called ‘dentin hypersensitivity’

  • The enamel is removed and this exposes the dentin.

  • Vigorous tooth brushing and teeth grinding can cause enamel to be removed.

  • Acidic food causes enamel erosion too.

I am wondering how my teeth became sensitive all of a sudden ? I mean I have been brushing the way I have been for my entire life. I always have had hot beverages and occasionally the cold ones too. Acidic food, I don’t know about that. On the whole, this is just crap!! I think what I am going to do about it is this:


7 thoughts on “Sensitive Teeth….OMFG

  1. I found your blog post via Google blog search while searching for Teeth Grinding and your post regarding “Sensitive Teeth….OMFG” looks very interesting to me and it is also very creative. I have a teeth website of my own and I must say that your blog is really good. Keep up the great work on a really high class resource.

    In order to better cope with teeth grinding you may try some relaxation techniques and see how you sleep afterwards; yoga and breathing exercises could be of real help. Don’t rush to administrate any drugs since teeth grinding could be dealt with otherwise too, and in far more natural ways. Have a look on the Internet, or talk to a therapist about the best ways to induce a relaxation state. Most people who have listened to soothing music, used aromatherapy or taken a long relaxing bath before going to bed, have shown significant improvement in the bruxism condition.

  2. @Teeth Grinding,

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    In my case, the sensitivity was caused by having pickle. It was alright in a day or two. I do not grind my teeth, but I am sure people who do will benefit from your blog and your comment here.

  3. If you have issues with you teeth Get Gel-Kam Its by Colgate you can pick it up over the counter at any Medical Store [ Local Supermarkets will not have it ]

    Its not a replacement for your tooth past its a clear Gel you use like a tooth past after brushing with your regular tooth past.

    But unlike a tooth past you do not rinse your mouth out!

    🙂 Good luck

  4. @Kellie Pigg,

    Ha ha, You love it ? I don’t share the same enthusiasm.


    Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. (I doubt if it is available in India though)

  5. it’s been awhile and i’m still looking for an answer to my sensitive teeth.

    i haven’t found anything

    i’ve asked three doctors and each have said “use a different type of tooth paste” Ugh !
    Since then i have had plastic put on my teeth it acually helped but i have no answer to why my teeth have no enamal.

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