ORK -2 Quiz Answers

ORK-2 was released on 22nd November and the last date was slated to be 29th November. However the last date was extended to  10th December. (Last date Revised.) Sadly, ORK-2 saw not many takers. In fact a handful of people contacted me via gtalk, yahoo mail and even the comments section (Vinod 🙂  )

Shiva, Madhu and Vinod nailed “Aung Sang Syu Kyi” 😉 . So in keeping with tradition, all of them get 2 points each. (One point for getting one answer right and another for attempting, even if it was after I pestered them 😉 ) 

But the winner is in fact (no surprises here) Hari (who also happened to be my quiz mate in school. Now you know how I qualified for all those quizzes). Of the 7 questions, he got 5 right. And yea he too nailed Aung Sang. 😉

So Hari wins the quiz with 6 points. Just in case people are curious, he didn’t get questions 4 and 5 right. Oh and sorry guys, no revealing the answers this time over. Just a new tradition.

P.S: For people who are looking for nice and interesting quizzes, here’s Vinod’s QCT-2

Also, Shiva and Madhu are great quizzers themselves. My quizmates in college and one year senior to me. They are just busy in life and didn’t find the quiz even remotely interesting.  (Just like the other people out there who didn’t attempt it)

Hsppy quizzing,



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