Need For Speed-Most Wanted-My Timings-01

NFS:MW was released in 2005 by Electronic Arts. (Not so long ago)


To Read up on the Wikipedia article on NFS:MW click here

I finished the “Career mode” and the “Challenge mode“. So I wanted to try out the “Quick race mode” where you were allowed to customise races. What it meant was that you could pick the difficulty level for each race, the number of opponents, the track, traffic level…etc.

What’s this post about ? Well I consider myself a fairly decent NFS racer. (I have made it to the finals of three gaming finals in symposia, but never won any. The three being Valiammai EEE-06, SRM IT-Cressida-07, Hindustan CSE-07.) I also qualified for the finals in KCG ECE/EEE-07 (it was held on the same day, so I do not recollect which one), and in fact I even had the best timing in the prelims. But mysteriously I was never called for the finals. (What we normally call fixing an event!!). Well there are obviously guys out there who are pro’s and better than me. But all said and done, I am not bad at all. So I decided I’d put up my timings on some of the tracks (In Sprint mode) so that people can evaluate themselves and I can evaluate myself if they found it rather easy to beat my timings. Your personel timings are welcome in the comments section.


Some additional details you might want to know are:

I used the following settings:

Traffic:                        None

Difficulty:                   Hard

No. of Opponents:    3

Catch Up:                  On

I used my customised Porsche Cayman S and used Automatic Transmission. (I have somehow never gotten around to using the manual transmission.) The Cayman S is somehow my favourite car in this game. The Carrera GT has a better acceleration, but its too whiny. The BMW is alright.

So, here are the timings I managed in the first 5 tracks:

1. Seaside & Power Station

Best Time: 1:32.77

 01-Seaside & Power Station

* – The timing shown here in the pic is before I drove the race and I am not so silly as to claim false timins, so do not comment on the same.

2. NFS World Loop

Best Time: 0:00.00

 02-NFS World Loop

* – This track is too long. So, I didn’t drive it. Maybe later I will and update my timings.

3-Diamond & Union

Best Time: 1:24.07

 03-Diamond & Union

4-Hwy 99 &  State

Best Time: 1:50.80

 04-Hwy 99 & State

5-Clubhouse & Hollis

Best Time: 1:44.44

05-Clubhouse & Hollis

I shall post the timings of the other tracks in subsequent posts. Happy gaming and do let me know if you beat my timing. It must mean I should try better.

5 thoughts on “Need For Speed-Most Wanted-My Timings-01

  1. Hiya! This is the second time visiting now and I really just wanted to say I truley enjoy reading your website.
    I decided to bookmark it at with the title: Need For Speed-Most Wanted-My Timings-01 | SK
    KD BLAG and your URL: http://karthik3685.wordpress.
    I hope this is okay with you, I’m attempting to give your fantastic blog a bit more visibility. Be back soon.

      1. Hi Sushan,

        Congratulations! Looks like you beat my timings there – and handsomely on Diamond and Union. Although I am no(where near to being a) professional, I thought I was pretty decent back in the day I used to play NFS 🙂

        If you note the original post date, it was back in 2007. Haven’t gotten around to much video-gaming since.

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