Microsoft Windows XP Bug

OK, maybe there is documentation regarding this bug available online. But I am not really bothered about fixing the bug. This is just an opportunity for me to say Microsoft sucks!! 😉


Here’s a description of the problem:

I renamed a file. I guess I must have exceeded the limit for the number of allowed characters. But hey, how did Windows allow that in the first place ? Isn’t it supposed to warn me in some way disallowing it in the first place? But no, I get no warning when i rename it. Afterwards this is the problem:

  • I cannot rename the file back to its original small length.

  • I cannot open the file by double clicking on it.

  • I can give open with, but then it doesn’t allow the “always open using” option.

  • I wrote it to disc and it takes up 100 odd MB but it won’t work!! (I guess this is because of the CDFS, while the drive in my PC is FAT32 )

  • It can’t be deleted. (I finally deleted it by deleting the folder in which it was contained)

  • I even thought of getting smart and debugging the problem by copy pasting the file to a NTFS drive and trying to rename it. But I couldn’t move it!! Crap. Now this is called irritating.

Right clicking a normal .mp4 file and this particular file results in different pop-up menus:

Normal .mp4 file:


File under question:



It’s a .mp4 file. Double clicking it doesn’t work. Open with VLC Media Player still works thankfully. But I cant do anything with it. If I write it onto disc, it wont work and I can’t rename it.


One thought on “Microsoft Windows XP Bug

  1. It’s not Micro$oft’s fault. The filename length is a function of a 32 bit operating system.

    The file system (FAT or CDFS) has nothing to do with your problem.

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