Oh I haven’t written a post in three days. (Assuming my math is right. Normally my math is awful.) While this probably goes to show that my interest is already waning, I actually have been stuck with a few other things.  But yes this lull characterises me in a nice sorta way. I normally set out to do a lot of things, but over a period of time, the things I set out to do drop down in my priority list. Something new and exciting always comes up. Only to be replaced by something else in no time at all.


But having said that, the last three days have been kinda hectic. What did I do ? Nothing much. I thought I’d help a friend of mine with his Signals and Systems arrear examination. I think I might have done just the opposite of what I wanted to. Somehow my learning mechanism and his were mutually exclusive sets with no common characteristics. So instead of helping him clear his paper, I might actually have caused him to flunk it again. 😦  . Well it wasn’t purposeful but I think showing Oppeheim and Willsky down his throat when all he wanted was his Bakshi, wasn’t a good idea. Oppenheim & Willsky is a good book though. Both these blokes are from MIT.  

That was two days, and my friend swore that he’d never in future let me know if he had an arrear exam. Wise decision I say. He didn’t even ask for help in the first place. I volunteered and screwed up.


One more day was lost because I had bad cold. I had to sleep the whole of yesterday. Cold coupled with a bad headache. So that’s how I spent my last three days, doing nothing worthwhile. Looking forward to the next few days before college reopens and my blog becomes active again 😉

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