Cricket Match @ IIT

Errr, what ? 

So I get up at 12:00 in the morning…err noon. (I slept at around 3:30 A.M yesterday night 😛 . So I guess it’s alright) . So as always, I got up, took about half an hour to get out of my grogginess. (Which typically involves brushing my teeth dreamily, then having my tea.) So after the tea I am in better senses. Then again I sit in front of the computer for a while, laze around and just browse a bit. It takes all this to wake me up. So then I had my bath, my brunch and saw a few videos on the Zune. By now i was 3:00 P.M and I was thinking of going to sleep again. Then my friend Bala calls and says that there is a cricket match in CLRI.

On my way:

So he picks me up near my house and we head to CLRI. On going to CLRI, we find the ground empty. So we call up Navin (This friend of ours who lives in CLRI quarters.) Navin invites us to his house on the 8th floor. We go there , chat a while watch him playing NFS:MW and then call up another Bala. This Bala tells the first Bala that they are in IIT. So we are asked to come to IIT.


We go to IIT main ground only to find guys playing with Cricket ball and all padded up and stuff. No kidding, this can’t be our guys!! So we again call Bala. Bala tells us they are in another ground. There was another ground I ask myself ? Seems there was. So we were there in about 10 minutes and as soon as we reached there we were invited by being asked to field. 😛 I don’t mind fielding, only I hate to marshal the boundaries. I think I make a better close-in fielder even with a cricket ball in play. So instead I am asked to field at Fine leg. (Assuming that’s where I was. Yea, the ground was shaped real odd)

There were 3 other teams playing, so it was hard to say who our team mates were. I knew Karthikeyan, Arun, Venugopal, Bala, Bala, Rajkumar and Narasimhan from my college and Ara from CLRI. The other guys, I have never seen in my life.  I fielded pretty pathetically. I haven’t played in some time and so I was rusty. (I already clarified I am not good at the boundary.) But mostly it was just me chasing a ball that was heading quicker to the boundary and me being helpless. Not entirely my fault. I did drop a catch, but I thought it was quite hard. Not as hard as international cricket catches, but I only managed to get the tip of my finger to it, that too running as fast as I could.  So hey, again not entirely my fault. Normally I bowl a bit. Infact till I was in 10th grade I used to open the bowling for my school team. But over the years, my stamina has gone down and my biceps isn’t as strong as it’s supposed to be. I think it was just the same when I was in my 10th grade as well. So I didn’t question the decision of the authorities 😉  of not tossing the ball to me.


We were set a target of 61 runs in 12 overs. Yea, we know where this story is going already, don’t we ? That’s only 5 an over and gettable. I don’t know much of what happened in the match. I mean I don’t know the details of who went in to open and who made how many runs. All I know is wickets kept falling at regular intervals and people came back out with despondent faces. Also the fine leg boundary here the other team hit almost all their runs, we didn’t get much from there. So I went into bat and hit the ball a couple of times. Missed a couple of times. The worst was when one of the Balas had to be run out. Well I don’t know who’s mistake it was. Probably not both of our’s. It’s just that he hit the ball over the fielders head and I ran. By the time he started running, the fielder threw the ball at his end. Had he thrown the ball at my end, I would have been a gonner too.

Arun and I were batting when we needed 27 or 29 from the last 3 overs. I know its gettable, but hey we were supposed to chase 15 and not 27 in the last three overs man!! Arun hit a four of the first ball of the 9th over. He missed the next two or three balls and ran a single. The 5th ball, I missed. The last ball of the over, damn full toss. I should have hit it for four is not six. Instead to my dismay, the ball dipped when it was supposed to make contact with my bat and hit the stumps instead. Crash!! Gone, OUT!! After that we needed about 21 from 2 overs and it never really looked like we would get there. And yes, we didn’t. We lost the match. And only then did I know that it was a bet match and we all had to cough up 10 rupees each. Yikes, I hadn’t taken my purse, so I didn’t pay. OK, I don’t intend on paying either. 🙂   

P.S: I wanted to make the post nice by putting photographs and stuff, but I don’t have money to buy a camera. So if you want the posts to look better and nicer with good photos, buy me a digital camera. Or wait a cell phone with 5MP Camera. 😀


5 thoughts on “Cricket Match @ IIT

  1. karthik.. good work.. was very funny and like a running commentary at the batting para…!!!! cool..
    will ve another series with the same team by this weekend..!!!! 😉

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