B.E Final year Project – Sponsors Invited

I have been waiting for this my entire engineering life. In fact I wanted to do a mini project. But I am in a lame college and they do not appreciate the concept of mini-projects. So here I am in my final year, without the faintest idea of what to do and how to go about doing it. Adding to the already growing list of woes is the fact that no one in my class was willing to team up with me. (Ok I have twisted a little bit the facts so that you can pity me instead of cursing me. In essence this is the truth.)


The biggest problem with me is that my interest i anything is short lived. I cannot keep doing the same thing for a long time. I have like 30 incomplete papers!! Can you believe that ? I am serious too, no kidding there. It’s just that I am lazy plus the fact that I cannot focus on the matter at hand. So I need to dust those old sketches, drawings, notes of mine and find out what I should be doing for my final year project.

The real problem though, its going to burn a hole so big in my pocket that apart from not having a pocket, my pants are probably going to have holes in them. I have estimated my budget at 30,000 Indian rupees. So guys, if you are willing to sponsor my project or loan me money, then you are welcome. 😀 (No interest on the loans though. I am not that desperate yet!!) What do you get in return ? My thanks!! That’s all really. If it’s a loan, then maybe you will get your money back. 🙂 Be generous guys….Ok my keyboard batteries are low. So I am going to leave it at this….


16 thoughts on “B.E Final year Project – Sponsors Invited

  1. Hello Karthik…

    30000 Indian rupees is it ??? u actually believe people might think in dollars or euro here ??? in karthik’s blog……….no log ?? !!

  2. well i actually tot abt lending some money……..but when i saw tat “What do you get in return ? My thanks!! That’s all really.” ….hmmmm …..
    now i need not type further ……….! rite ?

  3. @Rajani,

    Well just in case someone stumbled upon the post, I didn’t want them to die of siezure or something. 30000 USD is quite a lot of money. 1 crore and 20 lacs. 😀
    Hari was only too quick to point out that its only 12 lacks…My crappy calculation is regretted.

    As for your offer of lending me money, no you don’t need to type further, just send me the money 😀 . That will do nicely. (Oh and I meant the thanks apart from repaying, just for the record. No interest though.)


    Well yes, I guess its sad we have to spend money. But I guess we get to work hands-on with stuff 😉 .So do the mechanical engineers. The positive side of things ….

  4. hai karthik…i am anand from trichy…
    doing my final yr E.E.E
    i want u r advice to do my project on the core area…..
    will u guide me……
    r do u know any company which is deals with (generator)……..

  5. Hi Anand,

    Wish I could help you really. I am a student myself and hence I do not think I can guide you. My final year project is in trouble by itself. 😀

    Well I can give you any definitive Ideas, but there are lots of things that can be done. That would include areas such as “Power Systems” (- Maybe you can modify existing algorithms or something) , “Power Electronics” (Modulation schemes are still in their infancy, and can be worked on.)…etc. The idea of final year project itself is to implement your own idea. So do some soul searching 😉

    It would be better if you contacted your lecturers. I know in general people are pathetic, but some people might actually know a few things.

  6. Oh and regarding companies and generators, I do not know much. I know that “Kirloskar” makes generators and motors and stuff. Don’t know of other companies…

  7. hai karthik…i am marc from chennai…
    doing my final yr C.S.E
    i want u r advice to do my project on the core area…..
    will u guide me……
    r do u know any company which is deals with (computer)……..

  8. Wel..karthik m 2 belongin 4m ur group…dunno hv ny money n put 2 a lame coleg…bt hv gr8 ideas,instead ma idea ws judgd s da outstandin project 4 da technicl competitn..in third year,m thnkn 4 great project in be bt lack of sponsorship’s stoppin me..guys if u hv ny person in contct,if u cn help me ot..or ny sugestions..guys do help..m leavin ma no. Over here..8087263570,guys pleas help me,m wilin 2 work wid ny of da it companies on a train n sponsor basis..

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