I don’t know how many people actually realised or observed this. So, I log into my Gmail account everyday. Check my mails, chat a bit (a lot actually 😀 )  then log off. Not untill a week back or so did I notice this:








yea, 5393.549351 MB and counting of free storage. As I type here, that counter is running!! When I started out with Gmail, I think the counter started on 2GB. But what I am baffled at is that the counter is running even before I log in. So that means I get no preferential treatment for having joined Gmail much before many other people. Hey, thats not fair!! You can’t give someone who joined today the same 5GB that you are giving me!!!! Presented below is some trivia,

  • It took 54 minutes for the storage space to increase by 1MB. So at this rate, we will have close to 9000MB more same time next year. Not very much, but not bad man. (Assuming the rate of increase is linear.) Assuming it takes 1 hour for 1MB increase, you will have 8760 MB more by next year!! Whoa!! (And I sat and timed that and calculated that …how jobless am I ?)

  • I do not know for certain, but I think the current upload limit per file is 20MB. It was 10MB earlier. So they make sure you dont upload videos and stuff. This way you won’t reach your inbox limit. (Gmail itself had no information on this. So I tried uploading a huge file of100 MB odd and it didn’t upload as expected.)

  • Even if you were to break your videos and stuff into pieces and manage to limit the size to less than 10MB, do you know how long it will take to upload 5GB ? At 256Kbps, it will take a little under 2 days. But again, Gmail can always refuse to upload it for you, not to mention you will have to do it manually.

  • So in essence you can store 5GB of text. Man you will need atleast 5 keyboard changes before you can type that much. 😀 . Even if you uploded e-books and stuff, say 10MB each, thats still 500 books you have to sit and upload manually. Maybe I’ll try it some time later. 😀

  • Right now I am using 3% of my storage space.

  • I don’t think Google has that much space in their servers really. They just asked some analysts to calculate how much the average loser like you and me will upload, made sure that it wasn’t much and came up with this supposed increase in space. I all of its users or even a fraction of them actually tried to use the 5GB, then Google will be down, flat on its back!!

  • Maybe they have algorithms in place to make sure that doesn’t happen. Maybe not.

  • And hey by the way , Gmail is still in Beta ?? Man isn’t that really long for it to be in Beta ?



3 thoughts on “Gmail….

  1. The increase to 5 GB was all over the news. If you read sites like regularly you would have known instantly.

    See, the thing is, other people have also sat and calculated the rate of increase. I’ve seen some estimates on other sites. You really are a jobless fellow.

    Yes, they won’t have the space if every user decided to use up the entire 5 GB. It’s called overselling. But they do have a lot of space and they can afford to buy more storage space as required.

    By Beta, Google indicates that they are still working on the product. People expected it to come out of Beta after the new interface revision but it didn’t which means there are more features planned.

  2. Was the increase to 5GB suden ?? I thought that the counters which started at 2GB just kept running and finally reached this figure…. Isn’t that how it is ??

  3. It was a direct response to Bullshit! Mail claiming to give unlimited space for users. They upped the counter to 5 GB and it resuming counting up.

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