Errata – Programming Windows with MFC (Second Edition) – Jeff Prosise

This has become something of a job for me. Finding faults in books that I read. It’s just that I have an eye for spotting mistakes and I cannot resist saying to myself “what the …” , when I see one. While it’s not a big deal to find these things with books published in India is not a big deal, I didn’t expect MS Press to have errata on their books.

I will write on the book later. It’s a cool book. And Jeff Prosise has done a pretty good job. We have this as an elective in college. That’s why I am doing it. (Actually I arranged for this to be chosen as the elective since I wanted to do it.)


Here’s what I found on page 15 of the book:

“You’ll find a handy diagram of the MFC 6.0 class heirarchy inside the front cover of the book.”


So I turned to the front cover and guess what ? Yea, you guessd right. There was no “handy diagram” . Maybe it’s because I am doing it on my “Indian Edition” published by WB Publishers and Distributors. I have a feeling that the original version of the book does indeed have the “handy diagram”.(Microsoft Publishers)  If only the Indian publishers were more careful. They probably thought that the cover doesn’t count as a part of the books content.

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