Biomedical Instrumentation by Dr.M.Arumugam

I will come to how I got to using this book later. The book I have is the “Second Edition” and had seen 6 reprints by 2003.

My first experience this semester with a local author was with Jayakumar – TQM. Read about it here

First I am going to pretend that I think Dr.M.Arumugam is a Medical Practisioner and that I do not know that he works in Anna University in the Physics Department. (Damn, I speak more than is necessary at times.) So I lead you into believeing that he is a Dr with a MBBS and knows his biomedical in and out. We shall excuse all the outlined mistakes as a misinterpretation by the publisher in interpreting a doctors handwriting. You know how it works right …?


Excerpts from the book:

  • Back Cover 

Each chapter  carries an introduction, so many illustrations, problems…… (yea..)

  • page 192

Suppose a patient is suffered by atrial fibrillation. First the doctor diagosed that correctly !! (What the ??)

  • page 200

During that period, the function of the urinary bladder can be possible by electrical stimulation.

  • page 201 – An original touch 😉

If the urine is discharged completely, then the plug is removed and cleaned and can be kept in the pocket.

  • page 213

…..technically complex and risk one……. (risk one ??? why dont you risk one of your own 🙂 )


There were atleast another 100 such instances of Mr.Arumugam’s personal touch to the otherwise flawlessly copy pasted manuscript. How it works is these people copy paste from some foreign author. But somewhere down the line, their ego makes sure that they do a bit of writing themselves. That’s when they screw up like this.

 How on earth do you expect me to study doctor, when all I am doing is spotting mistakes that made me see the full band of my emotions from rolling on the floor laughing to finally crying ??(out of despair)

My advice to guys at Anna Univ – Guys I swear if only you concentrate on your work rather than noticing who is peeing where, you will do a whole lot better. Shoosh, off to work. And Dr.Arumugam , if you are reading this, next time you can outsource the errata section to me. I promise to get it done for a small amount. I am making this offer to you because you make me laugh so much….You should try a career in stand up comedy too. There’s a lot of money there.


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