Penultimate Exam

So we got through 4 exams and have another two more to go. Both of the next exams being electives. Here’s how electives are supposed to work. We have 6 subjects in each elective to choose from from which each student votes for his interest. Then depending on the availability of staff and number of students and other factors, we are allowed to choose either one subject or split the class into two and take two subjects. Some times it even so happens that some subject is thrust on us and we are compelled to do that subject. Pity really. Thankfully that didn’t happen with our department. Our HOD is pretty decent really. But another of the deciding yet irritating factors for me when it comes to deciding the elective is the fact that most people in the class do not want subjects that is interesting or will make sure that it will give them employment opportunities. Instead they want subjects which they can easily pass. So we have subjects like Computer Architecture, Computer networks, VLSI , Embedded systems being shot down by students who want to have it easy.

Instead my class guys chose to choose Biomedical Instrumentation. Hell!! The subject is not so bad, but Ill have to agree I was hoping for a better elective now that I am in my final year. Anyway, got to make do with it now. And now that the exam is tomorrow, I beter get started as well. We will cover the other elective later……


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