The new Videocon Advertisement

Advertisements amuse me a lot. Some of them make a lot of sense and reflect the brain of the person who thought of it in the first place, not to mention the skills of the people who worked on the idea and gave it shape. Almost all advertisements amuse me. Why ? While the good advertisements amusing someone is understandable, the bad ones amuse me because I try and imagine the person who came up with it. The guy/gal must look funny if not the advertisement.


The most recent Videocon has “Shah Rukh Khan” promoting his movie in yet another novel way. Whether he is a good actor or not, man atleast he is creative when it comes to the ways in which to promote his movies. So we will see “Mahendra Singh Dhoni” – captain Indian Cricket Team shake a leg with Shah Rukh Khan in the latest OSO….sorry… Videocon Advertisement. SRK plays Dhoni and Dhoni plays SRK in OSO. I don’t know what Dhoni got out of the deal ? Lot’s of money for sure and maybe now he is friends with SRK. Closer to Deepika Padukone ? 😉 Nice try Dhoni… 

Whats the AD all about ? No way I am going to tell you that. That will be broadcast in a thousand useless news channels anyway. First they will show you “The making of the new Videocon Ad.”. Then you will have interviews with SRK, MSD and maybe even the crew members. Some guy from Videocon will the the appor-toonity to say a few things about Videocon in between all the hype and hoopla. I hear the Ad is already on the idiot box….Go watch it…or not


Hey a few hours after I wrote this post, I checked youtube and guess what I found ? The video is available!! Heres the link:

Videocon ShahRukh , Dhoni Brothers Commercial

7 thoughts on “The new Videocon Advertisement

  1. marc,
    everybody except you ?

    you are busy with other things 😉 we are jobless lesser mortals 😀

    and again
    how do u even get to see the races ? I dont have a set top box 😦 . Cant watch F1 either

  2. Pathetic Ad !! sad that the advertising agent ended up making a whole mess of the supposedly funny one !! its jus a totally stupid Ad ! Dhoni……….!!!! i better don’t say anything !

  3. The worst thing is , it has no meaning!! I know they try and make fun of all the stereotypes like bhaiya concept in hindi movies. But thats about all to it. Theres no meaning to ad!! Shahrukh seems obsessed with poking fun at others in recent times 😉

    As for Dhoni, I don’t know how he agreed to the ad. I hope he can read pitches better than he can read scripts.

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