The Indian OREOs


Before I start, I must confess I never thought I’d be writing about food. 🙂 What inspired me to write the post was a friend of mine giving me a couple of “Sunfeast Dark Fantasy” biscuit packets. And hey if it’s interesting(and yummy) to write about then, why not ?

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy 

So this is about…yea you guessed it. The delicious and delectable OREO cookies and its Indian counterpart. I had my first OREO cookie courtsey my elder brother who had been to Germany and back. (Well when vegetarians go abroad, they end up eating cookies and stuff like that. Vegetarian food is really expensive 😉 ) Till then I was blissfully unaware of a “biscuit” by the name of OREO. But once I was introduced to it, I wanted more!! After finishing off the packets my brother had got home in record time, I had to wait again till he’d go to the US of A and come back with more OREO. And once again it was gone in no time!! 😀 Brittania’s Pure Magic has always been good, but is never a match for the OREO.

Various Oreos

A few facts about OREO:

  • It’s called a “sandwich cookie.” (We Indian’s simply call it cream biscuits) – It has two chocolate cookies with Vanilla cream in between.
  • Oreo WaferStix – long wafer sticks with cream filling and covered by chocolate
  • Uh-Oh Oreos     – reverse/Inverse OREO’s. They have Vanilla wafer’s and chocolate cream.
  • Other Oreos include Golden Oreos, Mini Oreos, Double Delight Oreos, Flavored Oreos, Double Stuf Oreos, Big Stuf Oreos, White fudge Oreos, Milk Chocolate Oreos, ……..

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy:

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy made by ITC is pretty good. Though a poor substitute to OREO, it’s as god as a desi OREO can get. It’s definitely better than Britannia’s Pure Magic ones. But for the health conscious, hey its supposed to contain a lot of calories. So watch it!! Don’t just indulge 😉

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy

For people who will swear by OREO and will not take a substitute, its avilable across all “Nuts n’ Spices” outlets in Chennai I think. It was also available in “Singapore Shoppe” in Thiruvanmiyur and “My Shoppe” in Neelangarai.  


5 thoughts on “The Indian OREOs

  1. Oreo is available in Spencers Daily ? 🙂 I guess it’s been just too long since I went shopping. Havent been to supermarkets in a while except for the odd splash and dash

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