Fourth Exam 27/11/06 – DEA

Design of Electrical apparatus. A wonderful paper!! I meant the subject and not the question paper. Every unit makes sense. And the prescribed book by A.K.Sawhney has seen more than 30 reprints and is used throughout the country. Proof enough of how good the book is. I am sure many people wouldn’t have used this book. I feel sorry for them.


Coming to the question paper itself, dead easy!! As easy as easy can get. The only trouble I really had was in picking which of the two questions to write. šŸ˜›Ā But hey we deserve this. After having three papers what with each one getting worse than the previous, weĀ needed a welcome break. I feel sorry for the people who did all of the designs in all unitsĀ viz, stator and rotor design, commutator design …etc.Ā None of it was asked really. All you had to know was the output equation, associated theory and Main Dimensions calculation.

Atleast something to cheer about in almost 15 days since exams started. Yea!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next paper as well.

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