BCCI Sez – Gary Kirsten it is

I was just back home from exam and was reading todays “The Hindu” newspaper and found that 22 people had applied for the post of coach!! Who exactly ? 🙂 Considering no other name other than Kirsten has been announced, I am guessing it must mostly have been even school kids who seriously believe they can do a better job than Greg Chappel. Guys nice try. If only you had apllied along side Mr.Chappal. oops…I mean Chappel. Who can’t do a better job than Greg after all ? India’s record in both Tests and ODI’s not to mention 20 20’s has been better without a coach than it was under Greg Chappel. All the hard work put in by John Wright was undone by this man. Anyway lets not waste net space by talking about a loser Australian. 

Gary Kirsten

I gather from one of the news channels that Gary Kirsten has been shorlisted for the post of coach. Yea like the school kids even stood a chance against him. Hey I just hope that someone else didn’t put his name in. And knowing BCCI , they don’t confirm such things before going to the media. So now you will have a statement from Gary saying “Man, when did I even apply?”.  Look what happened with Graham Ford. He finally said I’d rather coach Kent!! As for Emburey, poor guy. Graham Ford made sure he wouldn’t get the job. If only he had pulled out before deciding after getting the job and not said, “darn….I like kent better”.


Gary Kirsten as a player:

Gary Kirsten was a terrific batsman. A left handed opener from South Africa, he’d still be among runs if he was playing. He is not even all that old. He’s 40. But so is the current Indian test captain. Well almost. 😀 He was a nightmare for the Indian bowlers and most other bowlers too around the world. Hid 188* against UAE was the second highest score in ODI (I thought the highest, but it seems Viv Richards made 189*.)till Saeed Anwar came up with his knock of 196* against the Indians right here in Chennai. It’s been 10 years and no one has surpassed Anwar’s record. He was equally prolific in tests as he was in ODI’s and was a vital cog in the Proteas’s wheel under Hanse Cronje. I have vivid memories of watching Kirsten and Andrew Hudson open the innings fo SA.

Gary Kirsten as Coach:

Though he has handled no high profile teams as on date, soon after his retirement from Test cricket in March 2004, Kirsten embarked on a coaching career, taking up an assignment as Cricket South Africa’s high performance manager, after which he set up the privately-run Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy. I think he will make a fine coach even if he does not bring about a sea change in Indian cricket. (As suggested by Mr. Chappal, nevertheless not implemeneted.) He is a soft spoken man and I think he won’t go around India showing the finger to the press. Yea not by accident either. If he gels well with the team and can somehow put the subtle points across the players, we have a winning team. But he has his task cut-out….All the very bets Gary, if it was indeed you that applied 😉


6 thoughts on “BCCI Sez – Gary Kirsten it is

  1. Hey champ – I’ll qualify this comment by stating that I am an Australian but Greg Chappell is not the reason India did ordinarily on the international stage over the past two years.

    He wanted a strong work ethic and leadership from his senior players – he got neither. I will however say dropping Ganguly was a mistake initially in that at least with Ganguly onside Chappell might have had an ally to get that message across.

    And from memory isn’t Chappell the reason Dhoni got a start in the Test team and pushed him into a bigger leadership role because the senior players weren’t doing the job?

    I know Indians are emotional when it comes to cricket but Chappell isn’t a loser – he was however the wrong man for the job if the team wasn’t prepared to work hard at getting better despite how good they themselves thought they were.

    keep blogging though champ – I do however think Gary Kirsten needs his head read for even considering this predominately thankless job.

  2. Ok fine, you got me. I too applied but got rejected. They claimed that I don’t know anything about cricket. “Neither does the team!” I protested but they didn’t believe me.

  3. I guess regardless of whether “we” want him or not, looks like he is the coach of the Indian National Men’s Cricket Team 😉 . So I don’t think there’s much we can do about it.

    As for asking him to go back , wish I had so much authority. 😀 I wouldn’t be blogging here then, would I ?

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