Cricket Presentation Ceremonies in India

Have you ever watched presentation ceremonies of the cricket matches played in India ? Have you also watched the same presentation ceremony when the match is held overseas ? If you have, then you should know that the one difference (apart from the fact that India never wins abroad, and hence never lifts the cup in presentation ceremonies.) is that here we have 20 so called dignitaries on the diaz. Infact the diaz has to be made of reinforced steel or something. With maybe even concrete. Abroad, you just have make shift podiums. Say, Four people come to the presentation.


 Over here ? Nah. Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be on the podium. So we have the Chief Minister of the state where the match is being held, the District Collector, four presidents of that cricket club, five vice-presidents, The CEO , president and vice-president of every sponsor company. On top of that we have four or five representatives from BCCI to show who is the boss. Sharad Pawar, Niranjan Shah, Lalit Modi. And then we even have Shah Rukh Khan these days, promoting his movies wearing T-shirts that publicly announce the name of his next movie!! It’s a bloody circus out there, I tell you!!

Why are indians like this ? They like publicity. They like  to be on television. They want a photograph with Sachin or Dhoni or whoever. They even want to sneak in a word of advice or two just before handing the cheque because they know the player will not sulk till the cheque is given. Cheapos!! (Darn I couldn’t find a snap of these guys online.)


6 thoughts on “Cricket Presentation Ceremonies in India

  1. Took the words right out of my mouth… only I hadn’t got around to writing them down.

    So very very true. I figured it had something to do with how much money each dignitary got from the BCCI coffers – so that basically anyone who earned in excess of $1 million a year from voting for the current BCCI president gets a gig on stage.

  2. @ Ottayan,
    Quite true. But how is it that only Indians seek it ?

    @ Warrick
    I am asuming you are from a cricket playing nation yourself. Australia perhaps ? It’s not just the BCCI guys up there. Even the politicians join in under some pretext. Today we got to see Sheila Dixit (Chief Minister of Delhi) and Arun Jaitley form BJP.

  3. Ceremonies are always boring to Indians cos the amount of “defeated match” ceremonies we have ……! then we also have the tabloid press making big stories about how the foreign players show disrespectful behaviour to ministers who don’t leave the podium even after the presentation is done !!!

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