Third Exam 23/11/07 – HVE

I am writing this post one day late because my system (no, not my computer, my brain) was down for a day on account of how pathetically I did the exam. It has to be a new record. A new low. I hope I somehow scrape through. I am even ready to write good things about Anna University. That’s how desperate I am to pass my paper.

Going back a little, this is how my preparation was for the exam. I had done 3 out of 5 units pretty well with maybe one topic left in each unit. (Hey, that’s acceptable. Guys normally study half a unit these days.) The other 2 units were screwed. didn’t have enough time to do them. But I wasn’t concerned. If you know 3 units well, then there should be no issues passing. And I am not overtly ambitious either.

Exam day: We were predicting some screw up or the other in the question paper. ?If the last two exams were any signs to go by, there was more in store and this was going to be worse. And worse it was. Why ? This is why…

Two marks were….Ok less said about it the better. Coming to 16 marks or Part B questions,


11 (a) What is meant by “Co-efficient of Earthing” of a power system ? Explain its implications on the design of insulation of systems and connected equipment.

what unit ?? If anyone has any idea, do enlighten me. looks like insulation co-ordination(Unit 5!! ) to me , but I couldnt find coefficient of earthing in there.

11(b) (ii) Draw the cross-sectional view of a non-linear resistor lightning arrestor and explain its operation in detail including its V-I characteristics.

Again unit 5!!! And again Insulation coordination. It’s the one topic I left. How wonderful you feel to find that two questions have appearedf from the one topic you left out.

 12 th question was atleast in syllabus.Unit 2

13th question was again in syllabus. (Only Unit 3 , I hadn’t done.)

14th question was again from syllabus. (Again Unit 4 , I hadn’t done and consequently didn’t know much.)

15th question. Pretty simple ones. I did them ok. Do note they were from Unit 5 again!!

So there were 4 questions from unit 5 and none from unit 1. If only I had known, I would have done that one topic form unit 5 as well. I should probably have done units 4 and 3 instead. Atleast the questions were straightforward. In all, another exam screwed!!


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