Movie Review – Transformers[2007]

Optimus Prime 

Saw this movie just yesterday. (Technically it’s today as I watched it at around 1:00). The movie is Directed by Micheal Bay of Armageddon, Pearl Harbour, The Rock and Bad Boys I and II fame. Steven Spielberg is the exective producer. The cast consists of Shia LaBeouf as “Sam Witwicky”, Megan Fox (hot!!), Josh Duhamel, Rachael Taylor and Jon Voight(of Mission Impossible fame) among many others.

The concept of transformers:

The concept of transformers is that they assume some other common form like automobiles and can transfrom back into themselves again at will. The picture below should illustrate the same to good effect. (The characters in the movie are much cooler though)



The Good’s:

The movie was pretty good. IMDB rates the movie at 7.7 and I think that’s a fair score. I did not know about the transformers toys or even cartoons and comics until I had seen the movie. So there was no expectations to live up to. The transformer concept is pretty cool even if the noise was irritating when they transformed!! It tries and reinforces the by now worn-out concept that Aliens indeed exist and the US Defence covers it up. Might even be true. Who knows for sure ? But atleast it is original in that they don’t show the cliched Alien with odd body and always a head bigger than body, always green in color!! None of that crap. I especially loved Bumble-bee. I would love to have a car like that.  The graphics was brilliant. (All you Indian makers, do this for a change instead of changing someone’s complexion on celluloid.) The whole concept of transformers was brilliant.

The Not-So-Goods:

None of the characters in the movie are given enough depth. But in fast paced movies, you cannot afford that. So what you see is a school kid who is not all that popular on account of him not being brawny, a hot girl who always falls for the brawny guys!! (Well almost always. But in the end, good conquer evil. Isn’t that how it goes ?), a computer analyst from nowhere with a hacker friend. The normal “unknown/unnamed” US department guys with supreme powers. The cliched Good Vs Bad and Bad losing in the end!!


A thought that occured to me when I was watching the movie was how scared we will get when someone much bigger and at the same time much more intelligent and quicker than us attacks us. Pretty scary huh ? I was shit scared when I thought about it. Often you see Aliens lacking on some department or the other. Mostly they are all brainy. It is acknowledged by even Scientists that if at all we find ET they will be more intelligent.  But bigger, stronger and faster!! Also meaner!! That’s scary man. Robots are even scarier than Biological Aliens!!

Overall a pretty well made movie. Am eagerly awaiting Transformers 2…


5 thoughts on “Movie Review – Transformers[2007]

  1. This review shows that you know very little about science fiction. When we hear the word ‘alien’ the pictures in our minds are hardly greenish things with huge heads. That’s so clichéd. You should watch Farscape and Stargate SG1. The Transformers and giant robots concepts are all originally Japanese.

    That said, it was great movie because of the action. Though very unrealistic (F-22 Raptors don’t have that kind of manoeuvrability) it was still fun to watch.

  2. I have watched Starscape. But I was refering to movies. ET, Signs, Predator… all of them.(and more) Farscape was different I guess. Watched it way back in my 11th grade. on AXN isn’t it ?

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