Doctors in advertisements

I have all respect for doctors by profession, but I can’t stop getting annoyed by doctors in advertisements. What these Ad makers tend to think is that all they have to do is get hold of some good looking people, (Male or Female as the Ad may warrant.) give them a white coat to wear and make them utter their well rehearsed speech. So they get hold of people with flexing biceps and six pack abs and give them coats to wear. In some cases, well known models are used. Does it work ? I don’t really know. But if only my doctor (“female” and not too old 😉 ) could look that good while prescribing me drugs!! I wouldn’t need the drugs to cure me. (Yes I’ll end up dead probably, but who cares ? It will atleast be sweet heaven.)


If a white coat was all that you needed to convince audiences, (I know a few Ad makers do go that extra mile and ask the actor to wear a stethoscope and maybe even surgical gloves perhaps!!) then me and my class mates could come out from the lab (oh yeah, were we are asked to wear White Lab Coats. For what reason, I do not know. Chemistry labs require them as you will be using reagents and stuff. But computer and Electrical labs ??)  and utter sentences like “Education is definitely injurious to health” or “Stay away form college“. One trouble will ofcourse be that not all of us are as good looking as the guys that come on Ads. I don’t know if we will look convincing enough either. But nor do the doctors in the Ads. And its easier to convince students to stay away from college than to try sell someone something.


4 thoughts on “Doctors in advertisements

  1. Ha ha ha, I know just what you mean, it’s hilarious. The stethoscope! I’ve never seen a doctor in an ad without a stethoscope, unless she’s got surgical gloves on and is wheeling a patient somewhere with great urgency. If that’s not there, there’ll be prominently displayed IV bottles and tubes and a stand. It’s damn funny.

  2. Hi George,

    Nnice to see you on my blog. What’s even more funny is when they rope in doctors for Shampoo advertisements!!(“Dermatologists” as they would claim!!)


    the happydent guy doesn’t even look like an intern!! “bachelor mans and bachelor womans” guy right ?

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