Design of Electrical Apparatus

Next stop. Wel…next exam I mean. Electrical Machine Design. Our paper is called “Design of Electrical Apparatus”. Fancy names these guys come up with. I didn’t find both of my prescribed books online. I mean no reference to them. So maybe either this is an antiquated paper or people simply don’t bother to learn it. Or don’t use the books we guys use.

But the paper is interesting. I simply love it. It’s all real life design. How would you design a machine. It makes a lot of sense compared to a paper like “High Voltage Engineering.” Yes, we are still stuck with motors and generators. But thats what moves the world. In future, even your automobiles are going to be moved by motors. (They already are in some cases.)

If there was one class I enjoyed this semester, it’s got to be this. It’s a pity that I didn’t attend classes regularly though. Simply because in a subject like machine design, if you miss a couple of classes, the next class seems like you are in a foreign language class. We had a decent staff who knew her fundae  atleast. ( I am sure a lot of my classmates will disagree to that. 😉 , but I don’t expect to be spoon fed in class.)  All the lecturer has to be able to do is get me interested in the subject and then keep it that way. The subject even touches on computer algorithms to design machines. I would love to expriment with that when I get the time. But I am sure they aren’t gonna ask any of that in the exams. 

It’s not an easy paper though and the moment I log off after having finished this post, I’ll have to go straight to the books and start studying. We have 5 units of design problems. So it’s not the kind of stuff we can do in the 11th hour. I am just hoping atleast this paper goes well compared to my previos 3 papers.


6 thoughts on “Design of Electrical Apparatus

  1. ‘In future, even your automobiles are going to be moved by motors.’

    Thanks for the funny quote.

    Engines are also motors. Silly fellow.

    ‘The subject even touches on computer algorithms to design machines. I would love to expriment with that when I get the time.’

    Don’t you dare come to our computer labs for this. We’ll be busy playing CS, monopoly and browing the internet.

  2. Ha ha Marc, I am amused by your comments

    Engines are combustion machines!! By motors I meant Electrical motors as is used in cars like Reva and Hybrid cars. In Electrical engineering parlance, motor always means electrical motor!! Even otherwise, rarely do people use the word motor to describe IC engines.

    As for the computer lab, all I need is C++ installed on my machine and nothing more. I have all the resources I need at home. Why the hell would I even want to use college labs ??

  3. Oh, does say motor also includes IC engines. Strange!! 🙂 But as I said, to Electric Engineers, motors always mean Electric motors!!

    Motor car is popularly used, but I am not so sure motors are used to pertain to engines. But I guess if a dictionary says so, then I’ll have to agree.

  4. Hi karthik sir,
    can u do me a favor sir need some local author book names for design of electrical apparatus (au-B.E,EEE)

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