Punch Monologue!!

So I finished framing questions for ORK-2 and was enjoying my pizza in front of the TV as always. (It’s become something of a habit with people these days. Eating in front of the idiot box, even at restraunts.) So, I am surfing channels and I see an interview by “Suhasini”(Mani Rathnam’s wife). I was under the opinion that she was educated!! She even used words like “cliche”.( The usage of the word cliche itself has become something of a cliche these days.)

And then she says… ” So what about your Dialogues in the movie.” (or something of that sort.)

The thing if you still haven’t gotten is, what we normally refer to as “Punch Dialogues” by our philmi heroes are infact “monologues”!!!! For heavens sakes.. you know what a cliche is, but don’t know what a dialogue even means. Pathetic. Next Time someone refers to “Punch Monologues” as “Punch Dialogues” I am gonna punch them in their face. (Ok not going to happen.) Atleast I’d like to!!


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