ORK -2 Quiz

The response to the ORK Quiz 1 was lukewarm. 🙂 But that can be attributed to the ongoing depressing exams. I should probably wait till the exams get over before I roll out the next edition, but I am determined not to let AU dictate terms with me. So here’s the second edition:

  • All entried to be sent to karthik3685@yahoo.com. Kindly do not answer in the comments section!!
  • Last date to receive entries is 29th of November 2007. ( Indian Standard Time.)
  • The first all correct entry will be eligible for the prize 😉
  • All effort has gone to make the quiz a lot easier, but it is still Google proof to an extent.

1) Identify this person in the picture below.(Clue: Nobel laureate)


2. Who are these guys ?(Clue: Australian citizens)


3. Identify these two guys and put fundaes. (quite tough)


4. Whats shown in this map ? (I want the precise answer. And don’t look at your Atlas 😉 You may not find what I am looking for.)


5. Simple. Identify this guy.


6. Who’s picture should be where the question mark is and why ?


7. One person in the picture is very obvious and easily recognisable. Connect the two and put fundaes.


wanted to ask one more question, but my pizza is getting cold. So untill ORK -3……..

Happy Quizzing,