High Voltage Engineering – Highly Crappy

So I am preparing myself to face the third of my six exams. High Voltage Engineering. I was attempting to get some studies done , but then reading more than 20 paged gave me a splitting ehadache, and after taking an aspirin, here I am trying to vent my anger out!! To put it in short, this subject sucks!!! It makes you feel why am I even in EE !!

 High Voltage Engineering

I heard that Kuffel and Abdullah is a good book. But we are prescribed Naidu and Kamaraju. Man!! Some effort these guys have taken to make sure you get a headache. (And my keyboard batteries are critical…asking me to keep the article short.) Every unit is not more than 60 pages – 100 pages. But it’s completely useless theory!! I am totally against such stuff!! I am definitely not planning on joining the EB (Electricity Board) and hence dont need to know all this crap. Leave me alone!!!!!!!!

 Ok looks like Ill have to get back to the book in some time. I have another Asprin ready just in case….and I am sure Ill need it!! Got to pass this exam somehow


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