England not to play in Euro-2008!!

England was handed out a Shock defet by Croatia in the Ero-2008 qualifiers. What losers!! Probably the only team that gives a run for money to the Indian cricket team.(When it comes to losing so often.) Highly over-rated. It’s sad they had to lose to Croatia. I personally like the England team. I even supported them in their world cup match against Portuguese. They lost that too, didn’t they ? They do have some good players. But with guys like Crouch in the side…. 

Maybe they can practice till the next Euro comes around.


2 thoughts on “England not to play in Euro-2008!!

  1. Yea of course they deserve it!! I don’t know what the likes of Lampard and Gerrard are there in the team for. Yea, John Terry didn’t play, but thats no reason for them to lose. LOSERS!!

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