ORK -1 Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the ORK -1 Quiz that was published on 13th of November.

1) The people in the picture from top left in clockwise direction are,

    (i) John Barger – He coined the term “WEBLOG”. He also writes extensively on James Joyce and AI.

John Barger

       (ii) Peter Merholz – He is credited with coining of the term BLOG. He may have unwittingly shortened the word WEBLOG to WE BLOG from which the word BLOG evolved.

       (iii) Evan Williams – One of the co-founders of Pyra Labs which created Blogger (Now owned by Google ofcourse.)


    (iv) Brad Fitzpatrick – He is the creator of LiveJournal. Currently works for Google. He is also considered one of the earliest bloggers.


    (v) Meg Hourihan – Co-founded Pyra Labs (Blogger) with Evan Williams.

    (vi) David Sifry – Founder of Technorati (A search Engine for blogs.)


                          The connect is the term “BLOG”. Weblog and Blogging are equally acceptable.

2) The connect to all the terms mentioned is “WORDPRESS” (and not Jazz artistes as many people answered. Google did throw up Jazz artistes, even if not all of the names in the list. Who knows WordPress guys may even have been inspired by the Jazz artistes.)

All the words in that list are code names of various versions of WordPress.


3) Kibo, (James Parry). His nickname is assumed to be the short form of King Body which he used as an undergraduate from RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) . He has received amazing publicity including cover story of Wired magazine and mentions in Time and even Playboy 😀



  • Of the people who answered, many gave answers to the second question as Jazz Bands or Artistes.

  • Some people were even outright frustrated (disgusted ?) and gave answers like “all are same”, “boren”

  • Vinod seemes to think the answer to 2nd question was “All are short” 🙂 Nice one really.

  • Sundar was the only one who came close to answering a question. The 1st one. I can give him points for that i guess.

So the scores :

1) Anyone who bothered to answer through gchat, gmail, yahoo messenger : 1 point

simply because you took the trouble of answering.

2) Sundar: 2 1/2 points

because he’s the only one who mailed me the answers and actually got one almost right.

* All scores on 5 😉 1 point for attempting and 1 more for mailing me.

*No one gets the 1 rupee as no one got all three answers right. However if people feel that Sundar should be declared winner, then by majority consensus we could give him 1 Rupee I think 😀

8 thoughts on “ORK -1 Quiz Answers

  1. Sundar your answer read

    “These buggers are the first bloggers I think.
    Atleast one of them is. The last one showing the id card of some sort.”

    And not something to do with blogging 😛

    we sometimes tend to conveniently misinterpret our answers. Even so, assuming that you meant it in the “had to do something with blogging” sense, the question clearly states “Identify the people in the picture and connect them”

    You still think you got it right ?

    And you yourself agreed the scoring scheme is liberal. 😉 Yea will wire you the money…

    Hope the second one gets more responses

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