One Thousand Hits


It’s been a month since I registered my blog even if I have been activley blogging only since November the 1st. It’s nice to see 1000 hits. I am sure this is a trivial number and most blogs even get 1000 hits a day 🙂 .But i guess it’s pretty decent for someone like me who is only recently into blogging, who blogs only as a hobby and doesn’t use Social bookmarking. To people who have been reading and commenting on my blog, thanks guys.

Here are some of the posts I enjoyed writing the most; in reverse chronological order:

Orkut Unemt Index- How Vetti/Jobless are you ?

Desi version of Matrix- Dodge This

M & M (of Machan’s and Mokkai’s)

In Difficult Times

Crima facie!! (A humorous take on mankind, population explosion and criminals) (Authored by Shiva)

Nose Picking using Neural Networks

Some of the other posts received more hits, but they are rather serious in nature. Enjoy reading….or not 😉


3 thoughts on “One Thousand Hits

  1. Enough linking to your old posts. They’re right below this one anyway.

    Don’t go by the number of hits you get but by the number of comments you get from different people.

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