Counting Down – 13 days to go

Well whats this ? Anticipating the end of examinations already. Waiting for it like the Boundary from Gavaskar’s bat. Take a lot of time I tell you.

 To exams down and I am already wishing we didn’t have exams. I don’t know why. I never had this attitude earlier. I always lecture on the attitude shift in final years, but darn I am experiencing it myself. I don’t feel like studying at all inspite of having done pathetically in the two exams I have written so far.

I tried to do some soul searching and narrow down on the possible cause for my attitude shift. Am I being over-confident ? Crap, no way. I don’t even feel confident, let alone overconfident. Am I being negligent and casual about the whole exam affair ? Perhaps, but I don’t know why. Is it that I finlly got a job (God knows how) and I am being all pricey and saying who needs college, I’ve got a job man. Let me tell you something. I didn’t need the job to give me an ego boost and look down upon and sneer and even spit at these loser staff we have who think they can tell us what we should do. I think the answer really is, I don’t give a damn about this course we call engineering here anymore, especially because we are studying filler papers just there so that your mark sheet doesn’t look empty. I am tired of this college and university. I want out. And now that the end is nearer and the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, I just want to throw cautions to the winds and run for it.

So another 13 days to go and then atleast I’ll have only 3 papers next semester. I can also work on my project without I hope much intervention from college. I don’t want them to tell me “Who needs compression algorithms ? We have Winzip” as Shiva mentioned the other day.

The trouble with these 13 days though: 4 more exams. 2 meaningless and 2 gut wrenching tough!! God save me through all this.


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