Text Portraits

As always, I was searching for something on the web and came across this wonderful site. It’s another thing that I didn’t find information on what I was originally searching. There is this concept called a text portrait wherein a persons image tells the full story about him/her. A picture is worth a thousand words ? 😉 Nice and innovative I say. While it may not be that hard to do it, the idea is what counts.

Here is David Beckham’s text portrait:

 David Beckham-Text Portrait

Here are Text Portraits of some other celebrities:

Some Celebrities

And here’s the link to the actual page:

Text Portraits by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer


10 thoughts on “Text Portraits

  1. @Jupiter,

    Thanks for letting me know. However, I do not kow to use Photoshop.


    Yes, David Schumacher it is. Marc’s definition of most things are out of ordinary.


    You can’t keep doing that you know. Why can’t people comment on old posts ?

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