Second Exam 16/11/06 – PSOC

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The question paper:

       Today’s exam was PSOC or Power Systems Operation and Control. (Marc seemed to think that only electricians need it 🙂 ). The exam was disastrous., for far too many reasons. One of the reasons being instead of doing 5 units, I had done only 3, and that too in parts. Actually just before going inside the exam hall, I managed to finish 4 units. The 5th unit, I have no idea of. One other reason which I think I have already mentioned in one of my earlier posts is that of the prescribed syllabus only some 50 % seems to be there in the prescribed books!!

Most of the questions were ok. (By ok I mean they were atleast in the syllabus if not in the books.) I don’t know about unit 3 though. Didn’t even bother to go through the syllabus.

Question 12(b) was a screw up though!!! and I demand marks!! The question reads: “Develope the state variable model of a two area system and state the advantages of the model.”

The problem is we are supposed to develop the state variable model of “Area Load Frequency Control“, which is nowhere mentioned in the question. A state variable model can be developed for any control. If Anna University guys claim that it is supposed to be obvious, so is the answer!! Gimme marks!!

Coming to unit 5, both the questions that appeasred in the paper weren’t there in the prescribed books. This was completely expected though!! Because of the 12 some topics in the unit only 2 were found in the books. I somehow managed to write one of these though!!


3 thoughts on “Second Exam 16/11/06 – PSOC

  1. So you’re saying you managed to write all the questions and do the exam well even though you claim you didn’t study an entire unit…

    Oh by the way, the tubelight in my hall is flickering. Can you come fix it?

  2. Nope, I did not attempt all questions. Of the 5 only 3!! The other two questions, one is 12 (b) and the other, the unit I didn’t study!!

    As for the tubelight, just replace it 🙂

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