Orkut Unemt Index- How Vetti/Jobless are you ?


I was reading a post on Marc’s blog and while commenting, came up with this. (Complete crap anyway)

Orkut Unempt Index: How jobless/vetti are you ?

  • Find out how jobless you are on Orkut (and in life in general)


      sc * – your scrap count

     osc   – your outgoing scrap count

     a      – how attractive you look/ your profile photo looks

     d     –  time for which you have been on orkut. (Meaning when did you join.)

     f     – number of (jobless) friends you have 

     s     – (A Boolean variable refering to your sex. Has a value of 0 for Male and 1 for female)

* – It assumes that you have not deleted your scraps.

Unempt Index =   (sc/d)*(osc/a)*f/s


  • This is ony an approximate formula. It is difficult (though not impossible) to model this exactly since sc and osc are functions of each other in certaincases. Since the replies you get are dependent on whether you scrap or not. 

sc(osc) – your scrap count depends on jobless people saying hi (or whatever the greeting is) people.

osc(sc)- you saying hi to people prompts them to reply thereby increasing your scrap count.

  • d is actually a good indicator. If you have been on orkut for more time, then it makes sense to have more scraps.
  • a is also abstract, but in general the better you look the more you get scraps from people. Err, isn’t it ?
  • f is also rather abstract, but I am assuming more people simply saying hi increases your scrap count. (If they dont know you well enough, then thats where their unempt index comes in.)
  • Finally s. If you are a girl, then guys sending “vetti” “mokkai” scraps is understandable. If you are a guy though your index will always be infinity. 😀

Just so that guys dont get hurt, here’s a revised definition for s

    s = 1 for guys and 2 for girls. (This way it wont tend to infinity.)

P.S: Better models can be developed, but that will only prove that you are even more jobless than I am.!!


8 thoughts on “Orkut Unemt Index- How Vetti/Jobless are you ?

  1. There are some flaws with your formula. Your a and d variables cannot be determined with reasonable accuracy. You should include some of the other factors available such as the ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’ indicators and the number of fans.

    And if you’re really that jobless you can make a JavaScript program to take these variables from the user, calculate it and then produce an output with some accompanying insults. It would be a great hit!

  2. Oh must have been a wordpress snag. I have been seeing a few of them lately. Like when you scroll down the page, the “Previous, next” buttons are missing. My header keeps changing its dimensions.. But can’t complain. It’s a free service after all and it’s quite good too.

  3. Dude, your posts keep changing order in my RSS feeds. So do the comments. Your latest comments sometimes are placed below mine.

    Why don’t you move to ampli5.org? You can import all the posts and comments from this blog into the stand alone WordPress install I’ll create for you there and you’ll have more control over your blog too.

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