Why an MBA

It’s that day of the year when thousands (if not lacs) of MBA aspirants write the CAT-Common Aptitude Test to join the Management College of their dreams. In fact as I type here joblessly, those people are taking the test right now. If my clock’s battery is still in good condition, then it tells me that they have just started with the test. While I am sitting here typing what comes to mind, they are racking their brains trying to figure out the nth root of a n digit number or how to fing the total area of concentric circles!! Goes to show how much of a loser I am. Not that everyone taking the exam will get through and of the few who do get in, fewer will do well and still feweer will get into jobs with jow dropping salary.

       A few of my friends and some people I know are taking the test. Guys I may not have called you up (for the fear that talking to me will drive you nuts 😉 ), but here’s wishing all of you all the very best.


Lets try and answer why so many people in recent times are showing interest in MBA:

  • One very powerful reason!! Money!! MBA graduates get whoppingly high salaries compared to the peanuts software engineers get. So obviously that an attraction.

  • Some are genuinely interested. But this percent of people may actually not even get through.

  • I think some people lack the common decision making skills and they are just going for the fad of it. “Hey, Everyone’s doing it..Let me try too!!”

Why am I not writing the CAT ?

A few possible reasons include:

  • Honestly I don’t think ill make it. (As much preparation as I put in, the chances that ill “crack” the CAT or “bell” the CAT is slimmer than the slimmest cell phones available!!)

  • I am simply not interested in an MBA. Well this is mutually exclusive of the first reason. Lot’s of people convince themselves that they are not interested in something just because they cant do well in it. (I am interested in cricket though and it’s sad I can’t make the national team.). Some people say “I am not really interested in joining IIT’s” when the truth is they are interested but can’t make it.)

  • I hate doing things just because other people are doing it. If at all I had even the remotest idea of doing an MBA, it was destroyed by the news channels continuously beaming stuff on it.

I have to confess that the salaries are a big attraction even for me. I mean who wants to earn 3 lacs per annum when MBA graduates are earning the same 3 lacs per month ? Err,, maybe I’ll change my mind next year then!!


5 thoughts on “Why an MBA

  1. I’d like to do the MBA course but can’t get through. Mainly because I don’t give a rat’s ass what the ‘nth root of a n digit number’ is. Who the hell cares? It’s not relevant to problems in real life.

    I’m pretty sure I’d be better as a manager in a company than a programmer.

  2. The CAT is meant as a “rejection procedure” rather than as a selection procedure, because of the dearth of seats availabke. You know some institutes even offer 1 year programmes and others still postal or distance education. Some of the distance education programmes may not have weightage , but I hear some do.

  3. Ha ha, firstly nice to see someone else commenting for a change!! Mostly it’s been just me and Marc.

    As for not making it, there’s always a next time!! Atleast you took it. We guys didn’t even bother to write…

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