Desi version of Matrix- Dodge This

Neo Matrix 

This article tries to decide which of the two, The Matrix or The Making of the Matrix has caused more harm to Indian Cinema!! While it is obvious both have had an effect on heroes(yes heroes, not actors) flying around, what’s not so obvious is the distinction between flying in The Matrix and our oft fat heroes flying. Hell, even cars in which heroes are travelling do gravity defying stunts. (Sivaji ?)

Funda Behind “The Matrix”:

  • The Matrix is a simulated reality. Which means it’s actually a computer program which interacts/interfaces with your brain and makes you believe that the program is actually reality.

  • Within the matrix, (and this is extremely important to understand) one can use the understanding of its nature to bend the laws of physics, giving them super-human abilities.

Bending the laws of physics ?

Bending the rules

Enough said on The Matrix. If you understand english, what the content in bold font above means is that you are simply manipulating a computer program. You are breaking the limits set by a computer. Which is absolutely possible. Like the programs we write in our labs which give absolutely off answers. If only Indian movie makers understood this, we would not be seeing guys flying around in real life.

Some Links on how Indian movies are copying blatantly!! :

Vijayakanth: (Yea, he is officially the head of the Indian Matrix Foundation. Captain to be more exact!!) (DODGE THIS!!)


Vijayakanth – Bullet Proof Stunt

Vijaykanth Matrix

Capatin Vijayakanth Stunts in Sabari

Shah-rukh Khan: (You’d think he’s educated. Think again!!)


Main Hoo Na Action (Jesus, how many scenes have they copied!! To think that the same director “Farah Khan” has directed, Om Shanti Om, you can give it a miss)

Vijay: (My nomination for Vice-Captian. Too bad he cannot be captain just yet. He can’t be a kanth just yet.)


I can’t find videos at present, but I distinctly remember a few scenes lifted from Matrix. I shall post them later.

Vikram: (Another actor whom I assumed to be intelligent. They make you pay for such assumptions!!)


Anniyan High Tech Fight

(And people thought Anniyan was a good movie!! And that Shankar is original and stuff!! Jesus Christ!! This is the worst copy till date. I mean atleast have some originality like captain!!)

P.S: This is only a small sub-set of the rip-offs. I don’t watch Tamil movies or even Hindi movies in general. I easily found Vijayakanth on youtube.(He is world renowned. Even Wachowski brothers are considering casting him in their next movie. I am sure there are thousands more. This list is no attempt to be an exhaustive compilation of Indian movie screw-ups.

 Harm Caused by Matrix:


    Indian movie makers who went to Matrix, clearly came out thinking why can’t I do that in my movies. Obviously most Indians do not listen to the conversation in the movie. So they must have said “If, they can do it in their movies, so can I!!” So in almost every movie these days, we have gravity defying stunts ripped from matrix. And audience loves it. Why ? 😀 Because they didn’t listen to the dialogues either!! Because they too think if matrix can use it, so can out thalaivar!!

Why The Making of the Matrix:  

        Believe me, while Matrix had people wondering and most scenes are copied form it, Indian’s especially movie makers or heroes(not actors) are not intellectuals. Show me one person who denied admission to MIT to do films, here. Also I remember my history teacher telling me (when i was in CBSE board) that when the Brits arrived in India, and presented the kings with guns and clocks, these blokes never thought how do these things work and how do I make them ? They were just happy with what they got!! Same with movie makers. They will never have figured out how the stunts of Matrix were performed.

        This is where making of the matrix comes in. They show them how each scene was shot!! Pronto a ready made recipe for rip -offs. Now we know how!! So here we go, our flabby heros performing supernatural stunts!!

       Way to go Indian Cinema. Wonder how many more years it will take till we finally stop using content form the Matrix. Till then enjoy the stunts!! 


17 thoughts on “Desi version of Matrix- Dodge This

  1. If they atleast copied it properly then it wouldn’t be so obscenely bad to watch.

    The crowd here is dumb. Even the so called educated people have the IQ of a cardboard sheet.

  2. Oh I just remembered that Anniyan also had this scene!! It looks comic actually if you think of it!! I don’t know who even thought of including it in the movie!! Must have had negative IQ really!!

  3. @Jamie,

    Using abusive language on my blog is not tolerated.

    No doubt SRK is a good actor, I am not denying that. ? However, do check out the videos I have posted above before commenting. (You will see they are copies form MAtrix)

    And you seem to think SRK is sexy and seem to be pained by my comments. Are you a gal or gay ?

  4. dude dont u dare talk about srk like that hez soooo hot
    n u tellin hu that hez uneducated??

    ur the one who is actually

  5. @Sasha,

    Yes, being hot goes hand in hand withj being brainy. No wonder then that all hot people are brainy and all brainy people are hot. 🙂

    For the record, I never said ” Hez uneducated”!!

    And yes, I am the one who is actually.

  6. Your Blog is cool karthik, Celebrities are always greatest entertainment for all. So blogs realated to desi celebrities is always fun timepass when online, keep it up!

  7. For a retard on here that said other people commenting on your blog have superiorty complex you sure seem to think of yourself as educated, like the ignorant, moronic, retarded (did i mention that?) coolie idiot you are.

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