Anna University In Trouble

 Anna University

I was using Google search to see just out of curiosity if my blog was listed on the search engine when i searched ” Anna University”. To my disappointment, the search did not list my blog in the first three pages but here’s something interesting I found while at it……….  


Anna University in Plaigarism Scandal:

Bangalore, Oct 20 (IANS) The Journal of Materials Science is inquiring into a curious case of plagiarism involving scientists from Anna University and the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), both in Chennai.

The international journal, published by Springer, is investigating how it ended up publishing their research paper that is ‘essentially a reproduction’ of an article published a year earlier in the US journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).


Although titles are different, both the papers deal with ionic conductivity in ‘doped cerium dioxide,’ a material that can be used in the manufacture of fuel cells.

In a correction published online, Barry Carter, editor of JMS, says the paper from India ‘does not just plagiarize the results presented in the PNAS paper but actually copies most of it word for word’.

He says JMS is thoroughly investigating ‘to determine who was complicit in the fabrication’.

The journal is also in contact with officials at the two institutions whose scientists were named as co-authors of the paper.

Three of the four authors – Tom Mathews of IGCAR, physicist Subramanian Selladurai of Anna University and Roshan Bokalawela currently at the University of Oklahoma (US) — have distanced themselves from the tainted paper.

In email interviews, Mathews and Selladurai told IANS their names were added ‘without their knowledge or concurrence’ by K. Muthukkumar, the paper’s first author and a PhD student of Selladurai.

Muthukkumar, who is currently in Germany, has already apologised to the editor of JMS and authors of the original PNAS paper.

He says he committed the ‘mistake’ of sending to JMS the manuscript written by a ghost writer without realising that the writer had simply copied the PNAS paper. But he believes he was made a scapegoat in the entire affair and added that his mouth was sealed because he was a student.

David Andersson of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and principal author of the PNAS paper says the event, though ‘unpleasant’, should not reflect on the great number of Indian scientists conducting high-quality research.

‘I just hope that the corresponding universities will apply efforts to prevent such cases in the future,’ he told this reporter.

‘I am extremely sad that my faculty is involved in this sordid affair,’ P.K. Palanisamy, head of physics department at Anna University, told IANS, adding that it was the first time such an incident had happened in his university.

He said that after an internal inquiry, the university has barred Selladurai from guiding any more doctoral students.


       Don’t tell me you are surprised!! It’s only typical of Anna University to do such things!! What else do you expect from a University of Phonies who do nothing ese but lift other peoples’ stuff and do little on their own. They are capable of nothing more!!

If only you see the qulaity of Anna University journals, you will find out that they make no sense, and the english is so pathetic. It’s only a reflection of the current Vice-Chancelor. I forget his name, “the barbarian”? Not worth remembering anyway.

All I have to say is “Anna University, Clean up your muck, start doing some work for real and stop telling people what they should wear or do, for a change!!”


18 thoughts on “Anna University In Trouble

  1. You’re right. I’m not surprised at all.

    Even the newspapers have taken to ignoring the VC idiot here and are getting quotes from his counterparts from the Anna Univ divisions in other districts. Obviously, because they make sense, unlike this dumb bastard

  2. As it is, the world has a pathetic view of most Indians. Well I guess we can only make it worse.
    The Indians seem intent on totally shattering the already fragile image we have. To make it worse, harder for our peers to succeed later on. To make sure for the shitty deeds that some Indian’s do, all the others are made to pay. To pay with guilt, and shame. I know this sounds OT, but first local movies and then the shitty education must be cleaned up before anyone makes much progress here….Sickening

  3. Finally nice to see Shiva commenting here!! Anna University leads from the front when it comes to providing the worst education.

    And Marc don’t be so harsh on the Indians 😉

  4. Hey if u r so pised wit anna univ systems . . U do somethin instead of complainin others . .u study hard bcom the dean and bring about changes .

  5. Hi Zak,

    I am almost done with my B.E. So I don’t really care any longer. Also, to become the dean, you don’t have to study hard. Actually that’s one qualification that will not get you the job.

  6. hi Buddy!!!! thanks for the information u have provided… abt the uni and abt the dept ……….. uni sucks such a big time… n btw i came to know abt the dept am i at from yer blog….. they do neither a funda research or an applied one….. sulks to the core….

  7. I know that bloody prof ssd… I suggest that someone should look into the doctorate thesis of selladurai. When he was teaching us class last semester, he said that P square by 2 m is not equal to kinetic energy… because p is probability density. Such is his knowledge in physics. He taught us nothing. A plus two student knows more physics than anyone in the physics department of anna univ..
    Apart from two brainy people , Prof S Gnanasekaran and Prof. M. Rajagopalan.
    Discouraging professors and flirts only occupy professor posts at Anna Univ…

    Students doing M.Sc there(one among them is me) are the real victims. Please save us… DST…Improve the standards.. Or else Fuck your department up…

    Nice informative blog

  8. In this case, I don’t understand certain facts? How could Prof.S.Selladurai so easily escape from the issue. What has happened here is a criminal offense? Why are we Indians taking this offense so easily? So what’s the point in telling about rich culture and traditions of india and ethics if we close our eyes on a fraudulent act. I learnt that the prof is in the National Service Scheme unit of anna univ occupying some post.

    Great. I have heard of translations of papers. But it seems as though that almost the entire thing is copied word by word. Great gesture.

    Even in Rajput case, things were different. Here all the 4 authors come with stuff which we all know are blatant lies. What is the Government of Tamilnadu and Governor doing? Shouldn’t they be listening to what’s happening in their so called dravidian “ANNA” University….

    Vaazhga Thamizh(Long live thamizh)
    Valarga Galla Kattum Kalai(Long live money minting)

    Jai Hind

  9. @polarade,


    @Selladurai’s student,

    That you didn’t use your name speaks about Anna University, where we cannot express our views on sensitive issues without being punished. If they probably spot your name here even accidentally, then things will go on predictable lines. Suspension, Dismissing…all that crap.

    Thanks for commenting though. (That you didn’t use your name is understandable. We guys do the same on our college community and stuff 😛 )


    The caption you used seems to include two leaders of opposite parties in our state 😉 (Whether it was consciously meant to be that way, I do not know)

    Good that you didn’t join. Glad actually.


    I did not bother to follow up the issue. I wrote this post some time back and didn’t know that Selladurai was let off.

    Anna University should be renamed Hypocrite University.

  10. i am doing my M.E at Anna Univ and facing some of the worst teachers i ever had. They just come and read O.H.P sheets instead of lecturing. They can rather hand over the O.H.P notes to us and stay home.

  11. I completely agree guys. By the way, do you want any question papers? Karthik has all of them. It will help you prepare for exams. Really.

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