Sachin Ton-dulkar – Century Making Machine ?

Sachin Tendulkar 

We are talking about Sachin Tendulkar’s recent dismisslas in 90’s. There has been a lot of talk in the media recently. Here are some excerpts:

The Hindu: (Friday)

“Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed in the 90’s for the sixth time in ODI’s this year, ………..”

Today’s Hindu online read:

Sachin Tendulkar: victim of his own achievements

………”Hundred No. 41 came in January this year, followed by six missed chances. Numbers and statistics can be cold-blooded.”………

From Indiatimes Cricket:

Sachin Tendulkar’s tale of missed centuries

……..”The 42nd century is turning out to be jinxed for Tendulkar who has fallen in the ‘nervous 90s’ for six times this year (19 matches), and second time in the ongoing series. He fell short by just one run on three occasions”……

……..”But of late, the century has eluded him, and the last time he crossed the three-figure mark was against the West Indies in January this year at Vadodara.”………..

From Indiatimes Cricket: (again)

Tendulkar falls to Nervous Nineties again


Some guy on “Headlines Today” seemed to think and was wondering aloud on TV “I think Sachin has forgotten how to make centuries”

Enough said. To all of Tendulkar’s detractors I want to say, go get a job LOSERS!! Most these buggers commenting on “nervous nineties” can’t hold the stick for heavens sake. They just pretend they know cricket. Think they can sit in the studio and pass remarks. Typical of Indian News Channels. Everyone seems to think of themselves as experts. Hell, Mandira Bedi thinks she knows cricket!!

I think The Hindu probably respecte Sachin for what he is. I am extremely critical of HT though!! Dorks, they just talk whatever comes to mind. Did they even do journalism ? All wannabe hosts!! When Sachin makes a century they ask ” Don’t you think Sachin is playing for records and its time for him to let the juniors play ?”. When he misses out, they say “He is in nervous nineties”. When he sometimes doesn’t play well, they are braying for blood. Losers go get a life!! or better still go find out what SRK doesn in his bathroom. That’s news to you anyway!!

Sachin Playing great:

     The 100 is just a figure. I don’t think theres any signifcance to it. After all it’s only 1 run more than 99. We Indians are over-obsessed with milestones and records!! As long as Sachin bats the way he is batting right now, I dont think you can ask for anything more really. I was never a fan of Sachin, but I respect him. He is definitely a great batsman. Try facing a couple of deliveries on a cricket pitch with a Stitch ball and you will know why. Most people can’t even make contact with the ball!!

Moral of the story: TV reporters are jobless and sensationalize every darn story!! In the name of Media rights and keeping the mass informed, they are actually committing crimes!! Add one more crime to the list and may I suggest Suicide please ??


32 thoughts on “Sachin Ton-dulkar – Century Making Machine ?

  1. Well every fan feels sad when their hero misses century. Indian like to see records created by their cricketer. They dont care much abt the team winning the match. If he scores century and if India loses many wont feel coz their hero made century.

  2. Sachin Tendulkar has achieved almost everything a cricketer can wish. He will retire from game within a few years. He has earned a lot of money and fame. I will be happy if he sets up an academy and train up some children for the future.

  3. Hi Razib,

    Yes, Sachin has been a wonderful batsman no doubt. Though no fan or devotee of his, I respect his abilities as a batsman.

    Maybe he is not the best batsman ever, but hes been one of the best for sure, I am not sure about the academy part. Lets just wait and watch…

  4. hi Gautham,

    Sachin is a more than a good cricketer no doubt. Even in the recently concluded India-Australia test (december ’07- MCC)he is the only batsman who scored more than a 50 in any innings. Sad but true.

  5. Well said. these media ppl are jobless and do nothing but prey on targets who dont talk back. They have no abilities on their own to perform the jobs they are commenting upon. if they did, they wud have not been in this media buisness at all.

  6. hai this is sai from vizag sachin is a great player i really love him ii am one the biggest fan of the legendry batsman in the world he is very smart and hand some i want to tell more about him but not i am not getting the correct words

  7. sachin is a great player . He has about 17 years & the board is messing with a person who has given so much time ,which is for him , his cultural ,his passion and everything it is.

  8. Many say that “When Sachin bags a century india looses more often than not” this is a worng statement his rate of conversion is great, and India has won at least 30+++ Matches atleast out of his 41 ODI tons, do keep this in mind before commenting on this born genius, 30 Matches out of 41 means 75 Plus%, india has won, what else is reqired from this Little Champion. He is just a man not the machine so, do not expect more.

    Sachin will top the list for the Centuries makers in Final, and India has won atleast 80% of those matches.

  9. What Sachin have given to the world cricket is incredble.If you look into cricket history you will find that he is next to GOD as far as class & techniqe in batting is concerned.It is really sobbing that in his wonderful carrier of almost half of his age; only the black days of his carrier are remembered,inspite of knowing that it was his injury period.So,i request media to think before writing any stupid comments.

  10. yaar hum kaise bhul sakte hai yo saal jab sachin ne sabse zyada baar nintees mein out hone ka record banaya tha
    how sad it is…………is;t it……..ya ya it is……..
    so let us pray to god that he again get back into his normal form of making centuries………he must make 100 centuries in total in his international carrier

  11. Sachin “TON”dulkar is the suitable name for him.
    He is the god of cricket.
    He is the hero of INDIA.
    He is the Master of Minds.
    He is the source of records.
    He is the creator of records.
    He is the destroyer od records.
    He is AN INDIAN.

  12. Master blaster ……………… i love you…………………………………………………………………………………………….

  13. Hi this is hari from tamilnadu.i think our indian team is going on the right path,with the captaincy of msd.sehwag+gambhir made several spectacular knocks in recent times,but not as like sachin+ganguly.they pushed india in recent past,they r still d best.

  14. Loads of comments from people who think very highly of Sachin.


    Man I am just waiting for Sehwag, Gambir to fire this IPL. They haven’t done much yet.

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