Power System Operation and Control

 Power System

Next step. Wel, errrr, next exam I mean. Power system Operation and Control. PSOC as we lovingly ?? call it. A core EEE paper. The problem with this particular paper is, the Anna University panel that was supposed to decide the syllabus were either drunk or dozed off when deciding the syllabus or the person who was responsible for typing out the syllabus had a prolonged seizure or something. The effect -> sad syllabus, that makes you wonder what am I studying ?? Syllabus looks like someone made a collage with some selected words from the prescribed book that’s neither in any order nor has any meaning.

Ill tell you why exactly. I have 3 prescribed books. namely,

1) “Power System Stability and Control” by Prabha Kundur

2) “Electric Energy Systems Theory” by Olle.L.Elgerd

3) “Power Generation, Operation and Control” by Wood & Wollenberg

                          While all of the above books are great in their own merit, Power Systems is a vast subject and it’s probably even supposed to be for masters courses. I especially like Wood, by Wiley Press. Cool Book!! Almost all Wiley books I have used rock.

And all these put together and the reference books as well, don’t have the complete syllabus!! Wow!! And by the time you find the syllabus in the book, you will faint. And what’s the point anyway. I don’t even know what they want us to learn, and even if I did, it is spread across so many books in precious little, that my time is anyway wasted in turning pages. Kudos AU!! Way to go!!


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  1. Most of Anna Univ’s syllabus is like that. Random passages from a few textbooks that some fool thinks is important to engineering.

  2. Sadly true!! As for my typos and me being drunk 😛 sorry, was a little groggy actually. Just got up form sleep when I had a nightmare that made me get up!! reg: Anna University ofcourse

  3. Hi, I came across your blog while looking up Kundur’s book. Does anyone know any application engineers or EE’s working in the Power Systems area? I’d like to do some speak w/professionals or profs on Power Protection Systems for a paper I’m doing. Thx-MK

  4. Hi Molly,
    Nice to see you on the blog. I am an Electrical Engineer myself (Atleast in the making. I am doing my final year Engineering.) Though I must confess that I am no expert in Power Systems, I do have some experience with it. Especially if it is concerned with programming with either C or even m-files.

    Regarding the professors, I am not sure many Indian professors encourage correspondance over the web. My suggestion would be that you visit some IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) website and look for contacts of professors there

  5. Correction: Indian professors don’t know how to correspond over the web, for the most part. They are still figuring out email and we expect them to be done by 2035.

    Go IIT and SSN. Skip the rest.

  6. Yes, actually true!! But also, even if they knew to use the web, they don’t know much about the subjects!! For instance our college lecturers. (For others’ benefit, Marc and I belong to the same college, sadly 😦 )

  7. Hi Karthik
    I Like with your study about “Power System Operation and Control”
    Can You help me to answer problem 8.1 in chapter 8 from this book?
    You can send the answer to my email address rudy_pe@yahoo.com.
    thanks regard for your help

  8. Hi Karthik

    Yes, it is Wood and Wollenberg ‘s book
    Can You help me to answer problem 8.1 in chapter 8 from this book?
    You can send the answer to my email address rudy_pe@yahoo.com
    Please Help me, I difficult to solve this

    Thanks alot for your help

  9. hi,
    this is harini das. iam a finalyear engg student in vtu. well if u think AU papers are the worst u havent seen our papers.yet, my fav subjects have been power system analyis and stability and psoc.reason we have kickass notes that no vtu paper has outdone yet.i suppose our syllabus must be simlar,since refearences are same.but try these books…modern power system-by nagrath and kothari,a book by stevenson,i dont remember the title.ill get beck to u on that..we refered 5 books and came up with good notes.u can mail me at harini_ind@rediffmail.com…probably i can help..

  10. Hi Harini,

    Nice to see someone from VTU on my blog.

    The book by Nagrath and Kothari is almost a page by page copy of the book by Olle L Elgred. Both Nagrath and Kothari are acclaimed Engineers, but I guess even they needed to refer to some book.The advantage with this book is that its more Indianised.

    The book by Stevenson and Granger is pretty good. For Power System Analysis I found the book by “Haadi Saadat” pretty good as I am inclined towards programming.

  11. Hi, i’m doin my final yr EEE in VTU. I badly need notes for Computer tech in power system if any1 has pls forward it to me. if u people ve got any 8th sem q-papers of regular and CCN + Computer control of electric drives pls send me or even any notes k…. my email is kiranpreddy05@gmail.com

  12. Hi Kitty,

    I personally do not have any of your requirements, but I am sure that if people who visit this page have it, they will mail it to you 😉 All the best with that.


    I know how much you like to greet people on my blog 😀

  13. hi karthik
    This is NAren
    well last week i went to ur blog and saw converzation b/w u and u r friend
    i am a EEE guy
    i am doing a Project on Studies (LOAD FLOWs)
    can u help me in this way
    can u have Programming code in Load flow
    Please if u have send it to me
    mail me at narendrakpt@gmail.com

  14. Hi Naren,

    If you are in EEE you should have done Load Flow analysis in your ‘Power System Simulation’ Lab.

    I have the code I guess. I shall search for the same and then mail it to you. I doubt if it will help you much though.

  15. hi
    iam amr said from egypt
    i need new and important topics in power system and control branch
    plz send me at my email(engineer_amr33@yahoo.com)

    appending your other comment here,

    i want be amember of this group
    my email is ( engineer_amr33@yahoo.com )
    i will wait u to send me important topics in power system on my email

  16. @amr,

    Welcome to the blog. I don’t really know what you mean by new and important topics.

    Also, there is no membership required for discussions here. You can type in a comment any time you like. This way, we could even have discussions.

  17. Amr, Karthik is giving you wrong information. There is a $10 fee for membership here. Please contact me to pay the amount.

  18. @Marc,

    Why would I give wrong information on my blog where I ask people not to pay ? It would b wrong information only if I asked them to pay.

  19. I would just like to add one more book to the ones u have already said above its out of print but u can still find copies in some old book stores……..its from the man who started it all Leon Kirchmeyer……….there are two books on the topic by him the first one is Economic Operation of Power Systems, I dont remember the second title but its on the same lines

  20. Hai Karthik I liked ur talent but I wanted presentation on Power system operation and control as I selected it as my presentation topic.I’m studing in Govt. polytechnic Bellary in Vsem E&E diploma plz plz can u help me.If u wish send it to my ID smasher_123@rocketmail.com.I hope u wil Plz plz

  21. @Manju,

    If you are interested, you should make the presentation yourself. It’s a pity that people browse all over the internet looking for ready made presentations.

  22. hi there
    my name is Alebel from Ethiopia and I’m writing to ask if you know some downloadable books related to power system operation and control or power system planning and management.
    thank you

  23. Hi:)

    So many electrical engineers…Am an electrical and electronic engineering student myself in my final year at the university of Mauritius.Trying to solve a problem.Searching for the book power analysis by Nagrath and kothari.(Recommended textbook by lecturer:)

  24. hi karthick…
    i’m a student of final yr eee.. in the stage of project. i chose the project in unit commitment and i took the reference example as problem no 5e in allen j wood. pls pls pls tell me how to find the production cost in that problem…its too urgent pls reply me as soon as possible….and my email id is harikartee@gmail.com

  25. hai iam doing final year eee.i need to know the clear idea of what is hot and cold reserve. Can you help me?
    If possible mail me some useful information.

  26. H Karthik,

    do you have any homework solution for Power generation, operation and control by Wood and wollenberg?

    I am looking for it. Thanks!

    1. hi Shareef
      did u find any manual solution for Power generation,
      operation and control ??

      i need help !! 😦

  27. Surprisingly, I was into the same impression as to Why am I studying this Strange Subject!?! & this subject has made me think: If I have nothing to do with EEE for the rest of my career, then why am I studying it? Anyway…I have NO other option, but to study it, as I have that paper up next week in my semester.. 😦

  28. hai karthik sir i saw ur blog and i as so impressed with ur blog i want to get grip on electrical subjecs like power sysems and electrical subjects plz tell me how to get plz sir.iam waiting for ur reply ok

  29. hi………… I’m nimitha i need psoc notes if u have soft copy can u mail me please it will help full to my exams under VTU

  30. this is so true ! they never hv any relevance while setting up the syllabus ! btw thanks a lot for the ref ….

  31. I’m totally upset …while searching fr e books regarding PSA ..!matters which u ve stated s absolutely true … ! no books ve the complete syllabus … !

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