First Exam 16/11/06 – TQM

My obsession with exam time posts continues…..

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About the question paper:

I went to the exam today fully expecting some goof up or the other. Something Anna University is famous for. But guess what ?? I didn’t find any. I was poring over then paper again and again trying to make sure I hadn’t come to the wrong University exam or something. The usual characteristics of Anna University were totally missing in the paper.

Though I must confess that the paper wasn’t easy. It had a mix of problems and theory questions. I didn’t do too well as I wasn’t all that well prepared. If only they asked such papers for exams I prepare and my core subjects. The only thing I felt was slightly off was a problem on Taguchi Loss Function. I’d like people to comment though if you thought something else in the paper was odd.


College guys messing up:

     Ok I told someone I won’t be writing about college and education system in general and I stick to that in the way I meant it. (errr,, nevermind). The thing is the exam hall!! We were all made to sit in the auditorium. One huge hall with rows and rows of chairs and tables. I particularly hate the plastic chairs. They are not meant for exams. And the desk we are provided with is so small and keeps rocking!! I also felt very uncomfortable sitting in such a huge hall. I hate crowds. It gave me a sick feeling like I was going to die in a stampede or something. Oh and I almost forgot, they gave us the question paper 10 minutes late but took away the answer sheets on time!! Sadists!! Also finding out where I was supposed to sit was extraordinarily difficult. Not to mention the Invigilators pissing me off by talking to each other inside the exam hall!!



6 thoughts on “First Exam 16/11/06 – TQM

  1. So you’re saying that you didn’t know only a single 2 mark question! B******!

    Me, I’ll get just pass as usual.

    Okay, the chairs were damn uncomfortable but the auditorium is much better than climbing the two floors to reach the halls in the mechanical block. Anyway, we had chairs there too.

    I liked the idea of being able to see all my classmates so that I could use their various expressions to judge the difficulty of the question paper for each exam.

    I don’t know what country’s time you are following but according to Indian Standard Time the gave us the question papers on time. I found it easy to find out where I was supposed to sit since I was the last person to arrive at the exam hall and I simply went to the only empty seat there was near my classmates. Try that next time. 😀

    I noticed the invigilators talking and since the fans weren’t running we could all hear the murmurs. They really should have talked louder. I couldn’t hear a word of what they were saying!

  2. I didn’t say that i didn’t know only one two mark. You have a way of twisting words to suit your opinion.

    What i said and meant was that except that one two mark question, there weren’t any questions which can be called out of syllabus or anything like that!! With this question I think the data they provided was not right!!

    When I say I didn’t do well, I mean it. If I get over 80 in this paper I’ll treat you in “Le Royal Meridien” . Agreed ? And you treat me if you score more than me. Just in this one paper 😀

  3. 80 out of 100? Alright I accept the challenge, mainly because there is a zero percent chance that I will lose. I’ve never scored above 80 in ANY subject, except the labs.

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