Answers to Quiz#1 – Diwali mini-quiz

Answers to Quiz #1 – Diwali mini-quiz

Tha answers to the same can be found in the comments section, however Vinod suggested that it’s better to post the answers separately. So here are the answers:

1) It is the NEW MOON DAY of KARTIKA

2) Ram returned after defeating Ravana from Sri Lanka. He reached South India first in his way up north. That’s why we celebrate it a day earlier.(No one can say for sure. This is a possible answer.)

3) Sivakasi. (Too easy a question to even ask.)

4) Dhanvantri– Physician of Gods. If anyone is from Coimbatore, you would know of the Dhanvantri temple too.

5) Sita. (Another clarification, I said the child would be the cause of death and not cause death. If Sita wasn’t taken away by Ravana, Ram probably wudnt have killed him.)


5 thoughts on “Answers to Quiz#1 – Diwali mini-quiz

  1. Ha ha, I dont know how long it toook him….maybe he started from lanka at around 11:50 , passed TN on the same day and then when he went further North, it was already the next day 12:00 -> so even if he travelled at the speed of light, theres still a possibility.

  2. @new,

    Dhanvanthri temple in Coimbatore is close to Ramanathapuram if I am correct. Trichy road. I can’t give you the exact description as of now. I’ll see what I can do.

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