In Difficult Times

I seem to be in difficult time. Why ? Because exams are around the corner ? Nah!! I’ve seen six semesters of exams come and go. That’s not all that worrisome. (It is a bit worrisome though) Why else would I claim that difficult times lay ahead ?? Seems like some marketing strategy or publicity for a book?? (Like Harry potter ??). You came pretty close to hitting the nail on its head. (….but missed.)

 This is actually negative publicity for a book. Total Quality Management by Jayakumar!! Well I actually noted down some gibberish from the book….

page 4.12

Search squads are all the time.

What ?? Dude, what are you even trying to say ??

page 4.13

In fact you, yours are not important.

Letter writing exercise perhaps ?? yours are not important!!

page 4.14

Counsequences of not practising SEIKETSU:

  • Good health and safety the practise of Seiketsu. ( Consequences ?? and whats the sentence ?? )
  • Personal hygiene is also essential for a healthy workforce. ( ???? What ??? )
  • Working thoroughly cleans a place and makes the workplace pleasant.

yea rite, those are definitely consequences.

Imagine the consequences of studying form such a book. After a while I stopped noting these sentences down. They are available only too abundantly and I would have only wasted all my time (instead of some) noting every mistake made. (And that’s the workof the errata team, not mine.) I copied these sentences onto Microsoft Word and it started howling. It even asked for language prefrence assistance. “Are you sure you want to use English ??” So much for using this book. I am sure many students will swear by it though. And the ones scoring University marks actually use this kind of book.

Finish off in news reader style….. “The question that remains unanswered is what sentence should be handed out to such people that use such gibberish sentences

with cameraperson….ok no cameraperson, this is karthik….yours not importantly!!


8 thoughts on “In Difficult Times

  1. I tried local authors books once and decided never to use them again. Horrible English, copy-paste of points from ‘foreign authors’ and stuff like that.

  2. Sad guys these local author guys. But I can bet that “Jayakumars” sell more than “Besterfields”

    I particularly hate the “Bakshis” and “Charulathas”!! Everything that education should’nt be

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