T-3 Cricket Championship


Well I am a Final year BE student. (Engineering) And if you are doing Engineering or chose not to, then  you know how boring and monotonous classes can get especially with Lecturers attempting a Zombie Apocalypse 😉 (Marc, that should keep you happy.)

So to break the boredom, we decided to play Indoor cricket inside our classrooms during the lunch break. We’d hog our lunch really fast and then start with the game. T-3 is short form for “Three-Three”. Something we copied from T-20. (Twenty 20). The 3 overs per side format ensured that the matches were fun filled and exciting , at the same time they got over soon and we could play many matches in one hour.

 We had an issue when we first started the game. We could not use conventional bat and ball (though we would have loved to) simply because it would cause damage with lights, windows…etc present, which will land us in trouble . But more then that, we would then have to discontinue playing.

To resolve this issue, first we used paper balls. This usually had a lifetime of less than an over and was frustrating. Then came an ingenious idea and someone wrapped the paper bal inside a polyethene cover and stuck it with cellotape. Now the ball lasted a match or two, but was still inconsistent. Finally through some brain wave, some guy decided we could use a Badminton ball!! Voila.  The probelm was solved!! (Eventhough we managed to tear apart that ball as well.) The probelm of the bat was easily solved. We would either use record notebooks lying around in the labs or use cardboards from various sources. The exam pad too made an excellent bat.

We managed a few tournaments, but it sorta failed, because everyone wanted to play and we didn’t want to waste time on fixtures and stuff like that. However we did play a lot of matches, though not as a tournament format.

Thaks to T-3, the semester went very well. And another thing, you should see the difference it made to the attendance of my class guys!!  


Here are some links to the videos I uploaded…..






6 thoughts on “T-3 Cricket Championship

  1. No, it does not ‘keep me happy’. People don’t ‘attempt’ zombie apocalypses. It’s not like a coup.

    You have much to learn. Keep reading my blog.

    In case anyone was wondering what the CSE department does, we’re in the computer lab browsing the internet, playing Monopoly on the computer or sometimes CS like normal folks.

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