Halo 3

 Halo 3

Halo 3 was released last month. (September end actually) It is currently available only for XBox 360 I believe. It’s the third edition in the series as the name clearly suggests. I have played the first one-“Halo-Combat Evolved” .The second works only on Vista and I dont have Vista installed yet. So haven’t tried that one yet. The first game was good if not great.

 Halo 3 teaser

 About Halo 3:

  • It’s a FPS (First Person Shooter) game.
  • Developed by Bungie Studios. (Bought by Microsoft.)

  • It is currently available only for Xbox 360, though I am sure with emulators it can be played with PC’s as well.
  • You will be playing the “Master Chief” and you will be killing “Covenant”. (or Vice-versa)
  • It supports multiplayer mode.

Go out there and “Finish the fight!!”


Note : Microsoft even had Custom Zunes with Halo pictures, videos and themes uploaded. That’s where I got the images from. The themes are quite good too.

Here are some links:

Official site:


YouTube Videos:

Halo3 Trailer:

Halo3 E3 Trailer:

Making of Halo3:


7 thoughts on “Halo 3

  1. Shows how well you read. When did I say it cannot be played on XP ?

    “It is currently available only for Xbox 360”

    Thats what i said.

    It’s good you played the game and finished it. Congrats….

  2. Actually we did Install Vista on the machine for Halo 2 and Vista looks visually pleasing and stuff. But i think it’s too early to migrate to either Vista or even Office 2007. a) XP works ok for me even today. Still waiting for the N number of bug fixes and drivers.(drivers are mostly available though). Even stuff like Matlab which i frequently run, may not be compatible with Vista. Also you find that you are among the few that use itand that causes many problems!!

    Currently Vista exists as a ghost on my PC. come vacations and Vista it is!!

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