Anna University Semester Exams

Coming to think of it, I have been blogging a lil too much of late. And it’s actually a nice feeling. Especially if people read what you write. (Or atleast I’ll claim so.) But then my exams are only two days away. Actually between now and my first exam, there’s only one day. So what am I doing here blogging ? Well I am anyway not going to study. Something which none of my classmates or collegemates want to believe. They somehow picture me book in hand, sitting in one corner, concentrating on the job at hand. 😉 Completely wrong picture.

Exam time posts:

In an effort to not get bogged down by exams, I shall try and up the ante during exams. I think I should be able to post atleast one post per day if not more.  It’s total crap that we cannot study as well as blog. You are not going to study the whole day, nor blog the whole day. The peaceful co-existence of the two is totally realisic. (If only I started studying for a change.)

My first exam happens to be Total Quality Management.(Common to all branches/streams.) The prescribed text “Besterfield” actually rocks and makes sense. But then I have only 2 days to study something like 600 pages. Extreme problems call for extreme measures. That extreme measure is reading from Jayakumar instead. It’s full of crap and people have been calling me up and whining that they simply can’t bear the book. However, that’s the last resort and there’s not much else we can do right now. So guys read on!!

All the best for the upcoming exams!! 

I even found a photo of Besterfield online…

Dale Besterfield


4 thoughts on “Anna University Semester Exams

  1. I shall follow this up with goof ups by anna university like asking absurd questions in the exams and stuff like that. Also, there will be a preview before every exam. 🙂 Sorry about that….

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