Zune Again!! And it Rocks

New Zune 

Ok I am turning something of a fan here. Why ? Because I just finished downloading (ok when I say I did something , it could also imply my brother actually did it in my presence.)  and installing the new zune software and firmware and it simply ROCKS!!

Let me tell you why it rocks : (My old zune with new firmware)

  • The new software is free. So is the firmware. Way to go Microsoft!!
  • The new firmware lets me download and watch podcasts on my old (30GB) Zune. The podcast collection on Zune Marketplace seems decent if not great.
  • I can wirelessly sync music from my PC to my Zune. ( I checked it and it works fine. It’s a bit slow, but who cares as long as I can sync songs wirelessly ?)
  • It supports more Video formats. Mpeg4 and H.263. (No Divx, Xvid yet though. That’s a bit of a disappointment.)
  •  The appearance of the new interface on the Zune rocks.

Comparison of dimensions

Why the 80GB Zune rocks:

  • Its available for the same price the 30GB model was available. (250 $)
  • It has a 3.2″ screen (compared to 3″ Zune and 2.5″ Ipod)
  • It is slimmer and smaller than my Zune 😦
  • It has custom engravings and stuff.
  • It comes with premium earphones!! ( 😦 I got normal ones with mine.)

Engravings on Zune

I am not writing a detailed review here. I read somewhere that they have discontinued a few features which were actually good. Like dynamic search and ranking system. I am sure there must have been some reason behind this.

P.S: One thing though. If you are planning to buy flash based players, I personally suggest the Creative Zen. Just Compare its features with any flash player and you will see why. (I think its the best player from Creative stable yet!!)

Creative Zen

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