ORK – 1 Quiz

B4 we start: Kindly send the answers to karthik3685@yahoo.com . Please mention ORK-1 in the subject and do mention your name.

Welcome to the ORK-1. I am trying to make the quiz tough so that people can’t get the answers by Googling. (I don’t even want to give the 1 Rupee away 😀 ).So people are welcome to Google. However, If you know the answers even without Googling it, do mention that in the replies. If nothing else, it will be appreciated. The quiz will stay open for another week. Last date to recieve entries will be 21 November 2007.

1) Identify the people in the picture and connect them.(Detailed connect needed. Answers that come close will also be accepted.)


2) Connect the following (or what are these words ?): Mingus, Strayhorn, Duke, Ella, Getz, Dexter (The list is exhaustive.)

3) In 1992, at the age of 25 he launched a spoof campaign for President of the United States. For a short time the official White House website listed him as a candidate with links to statements by him. Can you identify this person ?


I think the 3 questions should hopefully keep people occupied for long enough. Answers in another week exactly.




16 thoughts on “ORK – 1 Quiz

  1. I am glad the two of you have commented but not answered. Please answer to my mail. The quiz was meant to be tough. It’s actually quite interesting. Maybe next time onwards I can ask a few simple ones as well. 🙂

    (The essence of a good quiz is always to ask answerable questions. Anyone can ask questions to which people cant give answers. However, I thought these questions were interesting. Will make required changes in future.)

  2. The reason I didn’t answer is that I found these questions boring. My area is technology, computers and the internet. I don’t like remember small details or useless trivia on other subjects even if they are interesting.

    Here’s an interesting question:

    What airframe was the Turbokat in the Swat Kats cartoon based on?

  3. Well let’s just say youll be surprised ( I hope pleasantly) when the answers are revealed. As for your question, really interesting. I think its the F-14. (I am a swat kats fan btw and have the whole series on HDD.)

    But as I admitted earlier, unless you are a hardcore quizzer, theres a risk that the questions look absurdly insane.

  4. It doesn’t matter how interesting they answers seem to be. If the question isn’t interesting to answer then the battle is lost.

    And yes, it’s the F14 Tomcat.

    Here’s another interesting one:

    Name the beaches the Allies landed on in the D-Day landings, WW2.

  5. They landed on Normandy.. Dont know the name of the beaches… Maybe, the “Normandy Beach”, or the “Beach of Normandy”, or maybe the “Sprawling nude beaches of Normandy”.


  6. Hi sundar,

    nice to see you here. I am hoping one of you guys will crack the quiz. If not all the questions atleast one. But over here, its a matter of patience I guess and Googling 🙂

    As to Marc and his set of questions. Thanks pal for posting questions here. And pretty interesting ones too. I am wondering why I don’t see you in quizzes. 😉 You have a real chance to beat the sh** out of everyone. Oh and I think the answer to that question is available on “Saving Private Ryan” ?? Is that where the question is inspired from ? Or is it Commandos ??

  7. This is WW2 trivia. Utah, Gold, Sword, Omaha and Juno. Those are the names of the beaches. I’m disappointed that you didn’t know this.

    I read up on WW2 a lot.

    Sundar, as usual good attempt but completely off.

  8. Actually I did find the answer by Googling!! But then it’s not my answer, so restrained myself from answering!! Good question though.

    A couple of clarifications though:

    1) Sundar is not completely off. Normandy is right and generally suffices as the right answer. You will find that Omaha, Utah, Juno…tc are actually code names of the landing spots on Normandy beach. (France)

    2) Omaha beach is indeed featured in Saving Private Ryan. 🙂 And I am sure Normany does come in Commandos.

  9. The answer was completely off because Sundar was trying to be funny. Everyone knows that it’s Normandy. The question mentions beaches specifically.

    Every war game will have one of those landing sites.

  10. @Anonymous,

    Wise man,(woman ?) I am so desperate to know the answers form you that three months before you posted this comment, I had already posted the answers on my blog.

    But, Good that you know the answers.

  11. All of them / or their track figure in the 100 greatest Jazz Ballads

    James Parry

    if only pics could be googled.

  12. Hi karthik! Am not sure if this quiz is still valid or if u’ve published the results..am not even sure y am replying to this..just that i found yours interesting..(atleast more interesting to whatever i was doing!! 🙂 no offence meant here..)
    Anives, I think the answer to the second question is James Parry!! (If its rite, credits to google!, if not, bhoo’s to me, for a bad search!)

    And the rest 2 takes longer than 5 ms, hence am quitting!!

    Keep writing..

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