Crima facie!! (A humorous take on mankind, population explosion and criminals)

Note:               This Article is contributed by R.G.Shivakesavan a.k.a Shiva. My senior in college. I have requested a few people for articles and he has kindly consented by giving me this piece. I would like to thank him.


1)This article is meant as a stress-buster or a bust-stresser (in case you don’t follow even a tiny bit of whats written.) All references to criminals and crime is meant jovially and we do not support criminals morally or financially. (Actually we can’t even support ourselves financially.) We even take a leaf out of all World Leaders and condemn all Criminal acts and Terrorism.

2) for people who were redirected with thermodynamics or entropy related search terms. Sorry, except for the entropy that will result from anyone reading these articles, there’s not much similarity or relevance.


This is just a thought that occurred to me. It’s a thought that derives from simple principles of thermodynamics. Simply put, no work can ever be done without some loss. Any system can never do work on itself for long. It is bound to stop OR the disorder of a system tends to increase with time.

Some people in the field of human management and motivation, people who think man can achieve what IT wants; ‘nature’ activists and other crazy people may claim that the above rules do not hold true for man. For man is the child of God OR if man is in peace with nature we can co-exist happily ever after,OR by faith and belief man can go on for ever. To these people, I say boogerbrains.

The truth of the matter is that man is an expenditure to the earth, Currently Man has multiplied so much that it’s an uncontrolled chain reaction. A real chain reaction has one neutron bumping into an atom releasing more neutrons and so on. Man however, is analogous to one neutron bumping into another, producing a rapidly going 3rd neutron. Some times many neutrons bump into one neutron (and vice versa), causing the difficulty of realizing which of the many neutrons is responsible for the baby neutron and other parental dilemmas.

Well what I’m trying to say is that, with such a large uncontrolled growth, there is bound to be disorder. The disorder has evidently been represented by terrorists, serial killers, war makers, dictators, politicians, lawyers, Paris Hilton and other hardened criminals. However even though they are shunned by the rest of man, they do serve a purpose. Their role is to lessen the disorder within man. They reduce the disorder by controlling the population with bombings, shooting, wars, gory methods of decapitation, commanding suicide bombers to blow themselves up, long boring speeches with false promises, lies, more lies and of course bad music(along with burst blood vessels for lecherous old men drooling at the TV. NOTE: Alternately these old men may also conk due to a smack on the back of the head from grandma’s rolling pin.)

Hence by reducing the population, the elements of the system and hence disorder also decreases. Thus increasing the overall time man has on this planet. So the next time you see Paris Hilton…I mean criminals on TV, change that action of flipping the bird into a whole handed and whole hearted salute for the service of man.

DISCLAIMER: The author claims no responsibility whatsoever for any criminal activities indulged in by those who read this article.


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