Wrigley’s Orbit: Half full/Half Empty ?

The Half empty, half full -> optimist, pessimist conundrum not withstanding, here are some images for you to ponder over. My dad recently purchased the Wrigley’s Orbit Chewing Gum Packet. Here’s how we found the packet. Three gums out of six were missing in the packet.The photographs shows both the front and the back for visual confirmation. The packet is safely housed in my house, and anyone who wants to see the exhibit is welcome.

the back of the pack is shown below:

Orbit Back Cover

the front photo being:

 Orbit Front Cover

I think the packaging in Orbit needs some reworking. Also they should pay me back my money!! Anyone else who has experienced similar situations do comment. It is prevalent and very common in the 50 paise chocolates/candies. What are companies doing to make sure this doesnt happen ? And how are they going to reply to customers. Six Sigma perhaps ? He he , my “Total Qulaity Management” test is just three days ahead.

4 thoughts on “Wrigley’s Orbit: Half full/Half Empty ?

  1. What ?? You don’t have orbit ? It is packaged that way so that it retains its freshness. Yes unfortunately it costs more than normal gums. 😦 , but that’s tolerable considering I hate gums like Boomer and even others like Lotte leave a powder like residue in your mouth if you are a “chain chewer” like me 😀

  2. I simple detest strawberry gums. (The one in the pic also shows strawberry. But if you read carefully, it was my dad that bought it, not me.)

    To me chewing gums have to be some mint flavor. Cant have juicy fruit.

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